How to use Shareaholic to help distribute your articles

I wanted to provide a bit more of a step-by-step of how to use Shareaholic to help distribute your website articles or information in social media outlets.

First, you would want to download the browser extension from the Shareaholic website.  After you get that installed, you will have a green icon on your toolbar in Google Chrome, shown below…

Internet Explorer isn’t quite so easy to find it (Chrome is my browser of choice for many reasons), but if you right click the page, go to “All Accelerators”, then choose “Email, Share, Save or Bookmark Link”

From either of these, you can then quickly choose which social media networks to share with page with.

Clicking on Options will allow you to sign into the service and choose which social networks regularly appear on your menu.

You can also go to Set Menu Order to choose what order the buttons will appear.  Then when you sign into your Shareholic browser add-on, the services you chose will be available.

Now, sharing a web page (your own or someone else’s) is as quick as clicking the link in the browser menu and posting to the service.

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