How’s your marketing shaping up?

It’s about that time when business owners look back at all of their marketing strategies that they said they wanted to do for the year, and find out that they’ve so far accomplished few.


It’s not unusual – and believe me even I fall into this same trap.  It’s like making a New Year’s resolution to exercise more – everyone buys a gym membership in January, and then if you’re still going in February the place is empty.  But you know who gets the killer abs and bodacious booty?  The people who are still going to the gym in February, March, April …  (in other words, not me – and I admit it!)


We either end last year or start this year with a very optimistic outlook on what we have time to accomplish towards our marketing plan and business plan.  When we’re doing our business planning for the year, we tend to get excited about the possibilities of success for our business – which is a great thing!  And then life occurs and we get busy running the business, which is definitely what we should be doing (bringing in money!), and we can finish a few projects but no way to get to them all.


And there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing!  You NEED to focus on those pieces that only you (or your staff) can do.  And find an affordable professional to outsource the rest!It’s like how you always hear “no plan survives first contact with the enemy“.  The enemy in this case being the time, effort and money you need to devote elsewhere. (The quote was originally by Von Moltke, who actually said  “No operation extends with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the main body of the enemy.”)


Here’s the second way that New Year resolution about hitting the gym is like your marketing:  you want a summer body, which means you NEED to be working out in February and March and April – after most other people ahve already given up.  Marketing is much the same way – you want business in the traditionally busier months of Spring and Summer, then you better be working on your marketing earlier and consistently.

The best thing you can do for you business is to have consistent marketing


Much like snow rolling down a hill, your marketing efforts can have a snowball effect if you keep plugging at them consistently.  You keep performing smaller marketing efforts on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and pretty soon you see bigger results than you would have thought.


Where most businesses get caught up, and especially small business entrepreneurs, is on having the time for that level of marketing consistency.


There are tons of ways you can plan; I even share my strategy on how I plan an entire year of social media content in one sitting.  But sometimes even having that plan can be interrupted by other important areas where you need to focus.


If you’re ready to look at what consistent marketing efforts can do for your business, book a free marketing strategy session now – and we will discuss your business goals, and I will share a couple of tips on what marketing may help you get there.  No cost or obligation!


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