I Need Help With My Facebook Ad!

Facebook ad

This new client had followed us on social media and came to us with this question about her Facebook Ad:

“When I look at my stats, not one person has signed up! The boosted post is still running but no one is signing up.”

Have you ever paid for advertising on Facebook and gotten **crickets**?

She goes on …

“I tried using just the invitation I had made, but it didn’t get any sign ups, so I thought I would use a cute picture for the new boosted post. I did the Facebook ad system first and got no response. I’m on a tight budget so I need help.”

We had some specific suggestions to help your Facebook ad experience better conversions.

Facebook ad

My initial thought is that if people are clicking on the ad, that tells me that the ad is good enough to get response. Sure it could probably be optimized further. We can optimize and A/B test ads all day long … but if they are clicking on the ad, the problem probably isn’t there.

I told her she needs to look at the landing page and the actual offer itself.

I always recommend that people work backwards from the final offer or the final closing of the transaction – the person is buying the product or service – and backwards to the landing page, the call to action, the actual ad itself.

What often happens in this type of situation where people are clicking on the ad, but on the landing page they are not taking action, is that the ad and the landing page they don’t match enough in their message to get the clicks.

I’m not talking matching in all of the colors and images – that type of very basic piece of graphical branding – but the offer they’re seeing maybe isn’t what they were expecting to see based upon the ad.

The other piece is the offer itself. Maybe the offer needs to be fine-tuned. Maybe the price is too high for the target market (and audience demographics chosen in the ad). Maybe the price is too low and people don’t think they’re going to get real value out of it.

Maybe the landing page is focused too much on the features and not enough on the benefits the help your audience. Maybe you’re not focusing on the problem that you solve.

Maybe the Call to Action is hard to find on the pages so they’re having problems actually taking the action that you want. Or maybe it’s something as simple as when they click the button, the button is broken and they aren’t able to do anything. There are a lot of things that can break in the flow between ad and landing page and transaction, which is why you need to have all of the steps optimized and tested.

Advertising like Facebook ads is a piece of a marketing or sales funnel, and you want to make sure that all of the pieces of the funnel are present, that they work together well, and that they all work correctly.

The other important point to note is that I never recommend “boosting” a post unless your only goal is awareness. I always recommend using Facebook’s ad system because there is better targeting and other options that you can use in the ad system that aren’t as readily available in a boosted post. Whenever I have someone who is wanting to drive traffic to a website and close a sale, versus simply have people see the business name, I always recommend using Facebook’s full-blown ad system and targeting the ad carefully, plus have variations where you can do A/B testing.

So in this case I recommended that this client:

  1. Work backwards from her offer, look at the offer itself – is it strong?
  2. Look at the landing page – is the call to action clear and is it easy to use and navigate? The landing page itself – does it present the offer well and urge people to take action?
  3. The offer – does it coordinate with the ad that was placed on Facebook so that people see what they are getting when they visit the landing page is what they expected?

Confused about how all of these different pieces play out? You’ll want to check out our training on How to Set Up a Basic and Highly Converting Marketing Funnel so that you understand how all of the pieces fit together, where you should automate, where most people fail and leave money on the table.

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