Build a New Website in One Hour (Online Workshop)

 Build a Website in an Hour

April 18, 2018, 1pm Central

Seating is limited so that we can provide personal service.


If you’re like me, you’ve sat through quite a few online webinars and trainings.

And if you’re like me, quite a few of them ended up not being worth your time. You end up only half listening while you’re checking your email or text messages.

But not this training!

Unlike other training webinars you’ve joined that tell you a lot of theory and then just try to sell you something at the end – and you walk away feeling like maybe you didn’t get as much out of it as you should have in the time you spent – we are going to be hosting a HANDS-ON training webinar during which you will be DOING – so that you walk away with REAL EXPERIENCE.

This training will be using an easy drag & drop interface to build websites.  If you’re looking to build a WordPress website in an hour, register to be notified of future trainings.


Who this training is for

Any one who wants to learn how to easily set up a website or landing page using a very friendly drag & drop interface.

  • Entrepreneurs who can’t afford to hire an expensive company to set up their website, but don’t know how to set up their own.

  • Small businesses who want to do their own marketing and would love to have a ton of tools in one convenient platform, so that you only have to log in once.

  • Businesses of any size who want a way to quickly and easily set up unlimited landing pages to optimize their marketing or sales funnel.

About your host

Vicky WuVicky Wu has 30 years of experience in marketing, at the corporate level with world-class organizations such as Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Nokia, Century 21 and the Dallas Cowboys, combined with marketing for nonprofits who had no budget and small businesses who had little.

Vicky has taken the best practices and golden nuggets of marketing wisdom learned from the big corporations, combined those with expertise providing no- or low-cost marketing strategies for nonprofits and smaller businesses, and developed effective, efficient, easy-to-implement and affordable marketing processes for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

She has done all of the years of research and testing so that you don’t have to.

What you will learn

  • We will walk you through setting up a basic website or landing page.

  • We will discuss design pieces, and you will practice editing elements such as colors, images, and text.

  • You will upload your logo and add your contact informationr.

  • You will add new pages and connect pages to a menu.

  • You will set up a contact form to capture a visitor’s email information.

Additional tools you will access and learn

  • Facebook inbox answer bot

  • Facebook share locker – so that prospects have to share your post before they can access a freemium on your site

  • Facebook lead capture – perfect for marketers who want to find prospects to connect with

  • Graphic design studio, video creation studio, presentation builder

  • SEO on-page report tool to optimize all pages of your site

  • Click map and how to use it to optimize your site

  • Email automation and drip campaign setup

  • Script generator which helps you quickly build all of the emails, text pages, and more for your sales or marketing funnel

  • E-Learning system overview so that you can set up (and sell) your own courses

  • Quick peek at the mobile app builder

We will be LIVE.

Your questions will be answered during the training (or worst case, we will connect with you after if we can’t get to your question or you need additional assistance).

Expect the training to last around 90 minutes.

Presenters in those other types of webinar training always say to close other programs, such as email, and turn off your phone, to limit distractions. And usually you end up doing those other things instead because you’re not learning much.

But this training is different, because you won’t be just listening and LEARNING, you will be DOING. We will be keeping your hands and your mind engaged – so be sure to block out time with as few distractions as possible.

  • You will need to be on your computer (laptop or desktop), and obviously have access to the internet.

  • For easiest participation, you should know how to open two different websites in windows that are next to each other – so that you can watch us and follow along in the training in one window, and perform your own actions live in another window. But don’t worry – if you don’t know how to do this, we will show you.

  • Ideally, have your logo easily accessible on your computer, and know where to find it, so that you can upload it to the practice website you will be setting up. Having quick access to a few other images would be helpful as well (but is not required).