All of the social media platforms are always making changes (and one of the reasons I always recommend your business have it’s own website and build an email list – because you have greater control).

LinkedIn recently did an update which slightly changed both your personal profile and business pages.

The changes to your personal profile likely did not break anything, but if you haven’t checked out our public profile link lately, you will want to so that you can make sure the information you want highlighted is properly showcased.

LinkedIn business pages, on the other hand, may have broken your cover photo during the update and set it back to the generic star charts (or whatever you think their blue pattern is).

This means some of the hard work you did branding your LinkedIn company page to match your company’s brand is now bland, blah, no bueno.

LinkedIn has also moved where you make this edit on your company page.  When you go into “manage page”, look for the Overview tab at the top – this is where you will be able to make your edits.

You will also notice some changes to your personal profile on LinkedIn, and may want to revisit and make some edits.

The major updates are that your profile image has shifted to the left (which may make you want to edit placement of your cover image); and the right column has prominent links to your experience, education and contact info.


This update may have also broken some automatic feeds that you send to your LinkedIn profile or page(s), such as from your website, Hootsuite or Buffer for example, so you will also want to verify those.

These types of updates are always a good reminder to revisit your profiles regularly and check to make sure everything is up-to-date and consistent.

You can also request a free mini social media audit for your business, and we can review your business profile of choice and provide some recommendations.