February 27, 2018

Logo Intro Video Clip Order Form

Logo Intro Video Clip Order Form
Video Clip Order Form - Logo Intro

Be sure to consult your selected video clip to ensure you have provided all customization information.



You have selected a LOGO video intro clip:
~~EMAIL your logo as an attachment
~~Must be JPG or PNG format
~~Highest resolution possible (larger file size)

Send logo email to:
Please be sure to send from the same email address you note in the contact info below.

Select Your Logo Intro Clip


Provide your customizations.

Note: only certain customizations are available for each clip - refer back to your clip to see what is available.

TEXT fields will be included in the video exactly as submitted. Specify EACH field available for your video.

COLORS should be submitted as hexidecimal (#000000) for best matching. If you do not specify colors, default options will be used. Specify EACH color location available for your video.

You can find hex codes at:
Or use the upload image option the bottom of this page:

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