June 27, 2016

Marketing Bootcamp Application


Who are you?

You are driven to succeed. You have a desire for the best to provide for you and your family.

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You have felt held back in other jobs that you’ve held and decided that you want to be your own boss.

You know you deserve the best and you’re ready to go get it. You have a vision to change the world – your world and the world around you.

Big, Harry, Audacious Goals actually excite you.  And you don’t mind working hard at all, you just want your hard work to directly benefit you and those you love.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re craving something more. You intuitively know there’s something more out there for you, and your intuition is right. You’re a visionary. And visionaries still feel fear, but they move forward anyway knowing that something bigger and better lies ahead. The life of your dreams.

After years of feeling like you’re just getting by, you’ve decided it’s time to fully experience everything life can give you. You’ve decided you’re worth more than you’ve ever received in the past.

How do I know? Because that’s me.

So I’ve created something exceptional and exclusive for you.

It’s a game changer.

And here’s the secret. You don’t get to the level of success that you really want by doing things the same way you’ve been doing them all along.

You get that level of success by living the right kind of work it takes to reach that success now. On a daily basis. Starting today.

Vicky, I had to write in so everyone could know just how amazing you are! This Boot Camp is a life changer. I took it to give myself an upgrade in marketing and keep a competitive edge over my coworkers, however, the course is so good I couldn’t stop bragging about it!! Now everyone knows and they are signing up as well! Thank you so much for your dedication to training people like me and for sharing all of your knowledge. -T. Wood

But you also need to keep it simple, so that you can have that worklife balance that you’ve been searching for a long time. The freedom to spend time with family, take many vacations are long weekends, travel around the world, support your favorite charities in a way that’s meaningful for you and them, and to live a life that is more luxury than just barely getting by.

You want to transform your life.
And you need a transformational experience to do so.

Here is exactly the type of experience that can transform your business and your life:

  • 12 one-on-one sessions to use at any time over the next 6 months – live marketing coaching in person (geography permitting) or via webinar/skype/Facetime etc. – $5,000 value
  • Weekly Marketing Bootcamp group webinar/video training calls for 6 months – only open to members of the Marketing Bootcamp – $3,500 value
  • 6 months of email support access – $3,500 value
  • Lifetime exclusive access to our private Facebook coaching group where current and past coaching clients share ideas, stories, problems, tips and more – $5,000 value

Bonus access

  • Need something done for you? 25% discount off design services – forever
  • Access to all of our online training video programs – value over $1,000
  • 2-day Guru Marketing retreat – this is held once per year, details TBD – value $2,500
  • Lifetime discount to all other live training programs
Before Vicky I had never heard of a marketing boot camp. I was totally intrigued but had no idea what to expect or if it was worth the price tag. Being a brand new Amazon seller, I needed all of the social media and digital marketing help I could get. I decided to forego the expensive ‘selling machine’ courses and work with Vicky. After the initial consultation, I was fortunate enough to be one of her five 2015 students. Vicky and her team were patient, knowing teachers and the on-going group sessions kept me motivated and on track. Without the customized marketing plans in place and executed, I would not be selling five figures a month and have over 50,000 social media followers engaging with my brand. My fellow classmates and I formed a weekly MeetUp to keep in touch and bounce ideas off one another regularly. This entire process has been a life saver and I am truly thankful.  -SARAH BROWN, FOUNDER, GRAMMASARAH


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