Marketing Myth: More Website Traffic Always Equals More Money

⭕ A Marketing Mythbuster – find out why this myth is FALSE!

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Do you believe more website traffic always equals more sales?

I wish that was the case!

If you think traffic is king, I’m here to tell you that CONVERSIONS are queen!

There’s a distinct difference between traffic to your website and converting that traffic into a customer. That conversion is the piece that makes you money.

Unless you have a website that the whole purpose of it is to make money off running ads, such as using Adsense network or similar; in that case, yes – more traffic to your website could directly make you more money. Most businesses, however, are driving people to their website to try to turn them into customers by purchasing a product or service.

Traditional SEO obviously has been focused on driving people to a website; but once they got there, you were kind of on your own. “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t really work … it takes a bit more than that.

The New SEO, taking into account some of Google’s new algorithm updates, considers User Intent – the customer journey – and more more importantly, with an update they’re planning for 2021, the on-page User Experience on your site.

There are things you can and should be doing on your website now to enhance your SEO that aren’t really about traffic at all.

Yes, I have people argue with me that having a million people coming to your website is still better than a hundred. I’m betting the people most adamant about that already have their website set up to convert well. And for others, there’s always the chance that you can accidentally turn some of those million into customers, but realistically you have to put a LOT of work into that kind of traffic generation. Or a lot of ads. Whichever, it’s inefficient use of your time and other resources.

I would still rather have 100 people come to my website that I have a really solid chance of turning into a customer, than have a million people that I only have a small chance of turning 100 into a customer. Do you see the difference I’m getting at here? It’s more efficient, more effective, to have the right customer coming to the website; a warm or hot lead, one that is likely to actually convert into a customer. And it’s important to have your website structured to make that conversion easy.

This is just one of the strategies that we teach you in our New SEO Accelerator program.

We take some of these enhanced and newest strategies of search engine optimization from Google, combine them with traditional search engine optimization strategies – both on your site and off your site. We lookat the technical pieces to make sure the basics are in place, and then pivot your thought process to think about SEO in a whole new way.

This new way of thinking about SEO closely correlates with those updates that Google is making, and is a holistic approach to your website and marketing.

Yes, traffic is important – but traffic that converts into a paying customer, that positively impacts your bottom line, is even better.

Getting Started with SEO

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