⭕ A Marketing Mythbuster – find out why we DO NOT recommend that you always add another software / platform / app!

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No, you don’t always need to add the newest, shiny tool.

One of my pet peeves is seeing when a prospect comes to us, and they’ve had business coaches and vendors and marketers over the years tell them that they need to add EVEN MORE apps, tools and software to their processes.

This can be a mistake.

Technology is meant to make our lives easier, yet what most often happens is the entrepreneur ends up having to duplicate work and enter information into multiple systems.

Stop right there!

Why does this happen? The person that they’re working with only knows one system, so it’s the only one they can tell an entrepreneur to use.

Does this need to happen? Nope. So many systems can be automated to work together that all this does is overcomplicate your life. You don’t want things MORE complicated, do you?

There are only FOUR software platforms that I really need in my business if you get right down to it (and you probably don’t need the first one). Anything else better work with these others, or I’m likely saying no.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud – I already had this for years before opening my own business (I’ve been using these programs since Photoshop 1.0 lol), and it’s a requirement for anyone in my field, although you may not need this one if you’re not a graphic designer.

2. Website – this is the first thing specifically for my new company that I set up. I always recommend you own your website AND your own hosting, and I recommend Bluehost

3. For blast email marketing I always recommend Mailchimp https://eepurl.com/cwNWK9

4. A CRM can be your best friend for automating pieces of the sales process, and after using TONS of different ones for clients, my favorite (for unlimited automatic workflows) is Dubsado

5. My one extra? Squirrly Social – allows evergreen posting of recurring content plus other social scheduling. I’ve since switched to our own in-house platform which does all of this and more … which clients have full access to with any of our Social Media Marketing packages.

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