Myth: Help with Marketing Costs Too Much!

marketing myth cost too much

A Marketing Mythbuster – find out why this myth is FALSE!

We often hear that people think getting help with marketing will cost too much.

Of course considering your budget is important for every business, and especially for startups and entrepreneurs who don’t have access to huge capital like big corporations. Yet there are several documented benefits to why you should be getting assistance with your marketing.

Get help with marketing to free up your time

One of the basic tasks that hiring a marketer can do is free up some of your time – for you to focus on things in your business that only you can do. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways that you can gain more time in your day.

One of the best things I did personally was outsource some of my recurring duties that could be handled by others. One big spot was bookkeeping, and the other was some of the repeating marketing tasks – including things such as positing on social media and reporting. How I determined whether this would be worth it was by considering ROI. I calculated the amount of time having someone else handle these duties would free up in my schedule on a monthly basis – and then I calculated how much that time was worth to me if it was spent on doing other revenue-generating activities.

Get help with marketing to get better results

Another benefit when getting help with your marketing activities is that having someone who specializes in marketing, or more strategically in a very specific aspect of marketing, can actually help you generate more traffic, generate more sales, and increase revenue in your business.

This means that not only do you have the ability to make more money through having more time for your own revenue generating activities, but you can also make more money by having marketing that is more effective.

Getting the right marketing help can actually help your business boost its bottom line

Get help with marketing to focus strategically and efficiently

One of our clients’ favorite services that we offer is our “Rent a CMO” program. These one-on-one strategy sessions help you laser focus your marketing strategy to hone your efforts so that you are spending your time, money and energy on those activities that will help your business grow in awareness, engagement, branding and the bottom line.

Many businesses have picked up strategies over the years that they’ve learned from following people online, or a coaching program that they participated in a couple of years ago, yet they many not be aware of other, or newer, strategies that could actually have a bigger impact on their unique business. That’s where the skills of a Chief Marketing Officer can be so valuable – we combine 30 years of experience marketing for world-class organizations across all types of organizations PLUS strategies implemented marketing for nonprofits with no budget, and combine the golden nuggets of marketing wisdom we have learned into effective, efficient, easy-to-implement and affordable marketing strategies for small businesses. We have the knowledge and experience to know what best practices are being used by other businesses in your industry or area to bring fresh, new ideas that are proven to achieve results. And our Rent a CMO program brings that expertise to you – at a fraction of the cost that having internal staff requires.

Plus, every business that participates in our Rent a CMO program also has assess to our highly vetted team of Marketing virtual assistants at a reduced rate. You benefit from the best of both worlds: our high-level expertise provides effective and focused marketing strategies gained from decades of experience marketing for some of the top companies in the world – combined that with a whole team of vetted and trained Marketing Virtual Assistants, each a specialist in their particular field, who provide the implementation at a reduced rate.

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