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Homework for Lesson Video Marketing Course Module 1: Overcoming Excuses

Assignments for lesson "Video Marketing Course Module 1: Overcoming Excuses"

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Video Pitch

In this lesson, you must create, and then video, your PITCH. Use our pitch template to develop your pitch.  There is a very specific format we use that is proven to work. Print your completed document for your records. Read your drafted pitch enough times that you’re comfortable with your pitch – but do NOT try to memorize it.  We discussed in this module how memorization can backfire unless you’re a trained actor.  Just get comfortable enough with your pitch that you’re okay saying it. Then, video yourself presenting your pitch.  Do this in one take.  It’s okay if you stumble.  It’s okay if you read from your printed pitch. Upload you completed video to Youtube as an unlisted video (unless you want it public – in which case go for it!)  Unlisted allows the video to be private and viewed only by the people that you share the link with. Then share your video URL with us for a quick review.  Don’t worry, we won’t share it with anyone else unless you give us specific permission.

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