Update Sep 2018:  Facebook has recently changed their algorithm and this automatic sharing to your personal Facebook page is no longer allowed – not using any method.

We still recommend that you manually share items from your Facebook business page to your personal page, to help increase your post traction!

You can still use Zapier to automatically share the post other places online, including other social media platforms.

One of the tips I always give clients is to put things on their Facebook BUSINESS page first, and from there to share it to your PERSONAL profile.  This actually results in increased traction and visibility for your post since Facebook uses an algorithm looking at how much interaction (likes, comments, shares) a post on a business page receives to determine how many more people to show the post to.

However, I know a lot of my clients don’t have time to manually do that (as valuable as it can be).  But you would like an easy, automated way to make this happen so that your friends on your personal page can see those same posts.

That’s why I have this EASY tip to automate sharing a post from Facebook business page to your personal Facebook profile

This tip won’t necessarily help drive more traction to the original post (although it may help a bit), but it will directly put the post in front of even more people – your friends.

Enter Zapier and IFTTT

Zapier is a no-cost online service (free has limited but functionality options; they do have paid plans as well) that automates so many things online I can’t even begin to make a list.  It has the ability to take two online services that are not directly related (including a Facebook business page, and a Facebook personal profile) and magically make things happen between the two.

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is another free service that provides you the ability to connect two unrelated services and magically make things happen between the two.

Both Zapier and IFTTT provide ability to integrate some differenc services.

Both options can handle this automated sharing between a business page and your personal profile, how the end results look can be different, so you may want to try one first and see how it works.

Want to try this solution?  Here’s a short how-to:

Note:  this solution does not always work if you’re participating in the automated social media posts from our company, or other companies, depending upon how those posts are set up.  Contact me for different instructions if this is the case.

Automating on Zapier (IFTTT coming soon)

Visit https://zapier.com  – you will see a big orange Sign Up button top right, so go through the wizard if you have not already signed up.  It will give you a 14-day trial of their paid features, but you won’t need to choose a paid plan if you’re only making this one Zap and don’t need it to run hundreds of times per month.

Once you’re in, you’ll see a bright orange Make a Zap button on top.  Click this.

Step 1. Choose App

  • Facebook Pages is likely one of the icons you see, click it.
  • Default trigger will be New Post to Your Timeline, check the button and click Save + Continue
  • Click +Connect an Account button, authorize Zapier to use Facebook if required
  • Click the Test button to the right of your account which should now show, to make sure the connection works. It should tell you Success, so click Save + Continue
  • Click in the box to select your business page from the dropdown. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for Zapier to populate if you have multiple pages.  When the proper one is selected, click Continue.
  • Click Fetch + Continue. It should tell you Test Successful.
  • Click Continue to move to step 2.

Step 2. Choose App

  1. Now we will choose the app that posts will be sent to, which will be a Facebook Profile. You will likely need to search for this.
  2. In the search box at the top, type Facebook. You will come up with 5 or 6 options.  You want the one that only says Facebook with no other words, which is likely at the top.
  3. Click to choose Post to Timeline and click Save + Continue.
  4. Click +Connect an Account button. Authorize if needed.  Select the audience you want these posts to default send to – this does not change your options directly on Facebook, only Zapier.  Since you are promoting a business, I recommend choosing Public from the dropdown.  Click Okay button.
    1. If it pops up again, Click Continue as (Yourname) button, click OK. Otherwise it will go directly to the next step.
  5. Click the Test button to the right of your account which should now show, to make sure the connection works. It should tell you Success, so click Save + Continue
  6. In the top box Message, click the +icon on the right side to open the automerge choices.
    1. I recommend choosing these options, in this order:
    2. Choose Message <enter>
    3. Type “from” and then choose From Name <enter>
    4. Choose Picture

It should look like this:

Here’s a breakdown of the fields

Message will be the text from your original post.  From Name is the name of your page, which lets it automatically pull in your Page name (if you want something different than your page name, you can replace this automerge with text of your choice).  Picture lets it share any image from your post – and images get more clicks than text only, so I always include this.  Having these on separate lines helps with readability.

Note on my own Zap, I also include one appropriate hashtag – which I often forget to do on my business page (bad, I know) – so I click enter and have a 4th line with #marketing.  Then on the final line, I include my business website URL.  You can customize yours, which you may want to do after you see the first couple of posts.

  1. Optional, but recommended, click in the Link URL box, and enter one of the following:
    1. If you want to take people directly to the original post on your business page, type https://www.facebook.com/ then click the +icon to the right, and scroll down to choose ID.  This will make a URL that changes dynamically with each post.
      1. Make sure there is no space between the / and the automerge field.
    2. If you want to take people elsewhere, enter the URL of your choice. For example, you could enter the URL of your Facebook business page, or the URL of your business website.  This will remain the same no matter what you post.
      1. If you included your business website URL in step 1, do not include it again in step 2.

Your entry should now look like this:

Note you can edit these later to change how the post appears on your personal timeline, but I recommend you begin with this.

  1. Click Continue button
    1. It will show you a text only version of your post. Just scroll through to make sure it pretty much looks right with the spacing in particular.  Again, you can always edit it later after you’ve seen a few live posts.
  2. Click Create + Continue
    1. It should tell you Test Successful
  3. Click Finish

Note the free version of Zapier only allows one step, which would be going from Step 1 to Step 2 and is what we have set up.  The paid version – which you have a trial for if you just signed up, will allow more, but I recommend you NOT add any additional steps at this time because your Zap will stop working once your free trial ends.

Give your Zap a name that will make it recognizable to you if you ever need to edit.  For example, I named mine Vicky FB Page to FB Personal Profile – since I work with several clients it’s important to include the client name (in this case myself) and I always include where the Zap is coming from and where it is going to.

Click the button next to Your Zap Is, which right now shows Off, to turn it on.

It’s live and running now.

Test Your Zap

Go to your Facebook business page, and make a post.  Include both text and image if possible, and be sure to make the post something real, even if it’s just a motivational quote, so that you don’t have to remember to delete anything later.

Give it 15 minutes (that’s how often Zap checks your page for new posts), and then visit your personal profile to check and see if it worked, and how the posts looks.  (If you had a recent post, it may go ahead and share that one, but for best testing add a new one).

What do you think of this easy automation?  Leave your comment below!