Outshining the Competition: How to Choose a Web Design Company

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Web design is responsible for shaping 75% of consumers’ judgments about a business’s credibility. Knowing how to select a good web design company will improve your business’s online presence.

38% of visitors will leave a website if they find its layout unattractive. Web design impacts businesses so much, it’s worth it to invest time, effort, and money into finding a good web designer.

A high-quality website is necessary for thriving in today’s economy. That way, your business will generate the most sales and conversions possible.

Keep reading to learn about choosing the best web design professional(s) for your business.

Services, Skills, and SEO

Web designers offer a diverse array of services, skills, and specialties. Recognizing your business’s unique needs will tell you what kind of web design services and skills it’ll require. For example, if your business needs graphic design and logo design services, we’re happy to help!

Always make sure the candidates you consider are knowledgeable about SEO for website design. Google shows a preference for ranking websites with an SEO-friendly, responsive design higher than others.

SEO-friendly websites attract more organic traffic, which is easier to convert into sales. That’s why it’s also important to check SEO efforts fast whenever possible.

No matter what, ask specific questions about the following tip.


Look for web designers with multiple years worth of experience. Experience often correlates to a professional’s industry knowledge and skills. The more experienced a professional web designer is, the more likely they are to produce results you’ll like.

Let’s face it: It’s way easier to make common and costly DIY web design mistakes than many entrepreneurs think it is. As such, hiring experienced professionals saves you the money you might otherwise lose with DIY web design.

Your web designer must have at least two years of working and/or educational experience. This includes any diplomas, certifications, and job experience they’ve acquired during that time. 


A professional’s portfolio gives you the most accurate insight into a professional’s capabilities. Examining professionals’ individual portfolios helps you determine which candidates will deliver what your business needs.

59% of people prefer websites with attractive web design. When looking at portfolios, note the quality of each example’s graphic design and layout format. It’ll clue you in on each professional’s creativity

Here at Vicky Wu Marketing, we have multiple portfolios online for people to explore. We’re also great about the next factor to consider:


Always determine the size of your budget before hiring professionals for any project. There’s no need to set strict parameters around numbers. Nonetheless, you should define a realistic budget range to work with.

Remember: The cheapest option isn’t necessarily a good option. Cheap pricing is often a sign of a company offering minimal services and low-quality results.

It’s better to pay a bit more for good quality than take a risk on cheap companies.

Let a Web Design Company Make Your Dreams Come True

It takes less than a second for people to form design opinions. Hiring the best web design company will sway opinions in your business’s favor.

Users often abandon websites when their images load too slowly. Having a fast, beautiful, and branded website avoids that problem completely.

Build your brand—check out our website and SEO services. Your business will benefit from it.

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