Are you looking for the marketing you need only when you need it? Maybe you are sick and tired of just handling the promotional aspect of your business and want to work with someone that can handle that for you? Then these online marketing services are the right option for you.

As an expert in pay per click advertising for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses, we are committed quality and value.

We offer training, coaching, and strategy-building services for a broad range of companies all over the country. Plus, an entire team of freelance professionals are ready to take your project to the next level, no matter how complex.

On this page, you can find more about each pay-per-click service that we deliver to clients and would love to deliver for you!

Pay Per Click Advertising

While Pay Per Click advertising is not a required strategy for any small business, it can be a very important one.

Unlike other traditional advertising – radio, television, newspaper or magazine, billboard – PPC advertising provides your business with something that these others never could.  That is insights into your prospects.

Traditional advertising required multiple advertising cycles, sometimes spreading over months, to be able to generate any idea of how successful any one campaign may be.  Digital advertising allows you to start gathering insights immediately.  This allows you to quickly optimize strategies to improve your ad performance and results.

We offer services for Facebook PPC advertising, although note we never recommend solely sponsoring posts unless your only goal is awareness and not actual leads or sales. We also offer the more emerging digital advertising areas of Messenger-based ads and Messenger chat bots.  Google AdWords and YouTube video ads.  LinkedIn sponsored stories and text ads.  Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are other areas of expertise.

Below are areas of pay-per-click advertising for your business where we can assist you:

Pay Per Click Ad Budgeting

We can assist with helping you develop a budget for one individual platform, or your overall pay-per-click advertising strategy.  We develop a budget based upon your target market, your desired results at each step of the flow, and – of course – your available budget.  We help you focus your efforts on the platforms that make the most sense to your business.

Pay Per Click Ad Copywriting

We have expert wordsmiths who can assist in writing the types of headlines and ad copy that will help generate the best response to your ad.  Our freelancers are all US-based with English as their native language, so you never have to worry about less than stellar copy.

Pay Per Click Ad Creative

For those platforms that have the ability to include a graphic, we will design the graphic to perfectly mesh with the copy and catch the eyes of your target market.

Pay Per Click Ad Targeting

Selecting the right keywords, or the best audience demographics, for your pay-per-click ads can be both a science and an art. Our expert team will develop the best strategy for your ad targeting based upon your target market, the platform(s) you choose, and that coordinate with the ad copy and creative.

Pay Per Click A/B Testing

One of the great benefits of digital marketing is the ability to quickly test all pieces of an ad to determine which combinations generate the best results for your target market.  Obviously, this ability to have multiple versions of an ad running at one time is much easier with a larger ad budget, but there are focused strategies that we can implement even for smaller ad spends to insure that your ads are continually optimized to generate the best results.

Lead Generation Funnel

Your pay-per-click advertising campaign will not generate the results you want, without carefully considering the entire lead generation funnel – of which PPC is only one piece.  some platforms, such as Google AdWords, take into consideration the landing page that your ad takes prospects to in developing an overall “score” for the ad; and this score can result in your ad being seen to more (or fewer) people, and optimize the ad spend so that each click costs less. We also help automate the process, so that after a prospect clicks and provides their contact information, they won’t drop through the cracks afterwards, but have a solid and automated process to insure that they are communicating with your business.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities of online advertising and whether it may be right for your business, register for a free marketing strategy call during which we can discuss your business and its goals, and whether or not pay-per-click advertising may be a great option for your business.