Pinterest update and why you want to start Pinning if you’re not already

Pinterest announced that it has a new search tool for it’s mobile app that allows consumers to perform a “visual search.”

The feature is still in beta on the mobile app, but what it will do is let you point your phone at almost anything and then Pinterest will pull up pins related to that item that you may be interested in.

Imagine if you are a business and let’s say you sell women’s dresses.  Someone at a party sees a woman wearing a dress they love, and aims their phone at it.  Wouldn’t you want a pin from YOU (linking to the website where the dress can be ordered) to show up?

This technology promises to shorten the distance between seeing something you love and buying it.

Pinterest has also introduced a related retail feature called “Shop the Look” – it identified items within pins and offers links to purchase the item.

This is why all businesses that sell products need to get on Pinterest NOW if you haven’t yet!  And start pinning your products (ideally with beautiful photos).  You can also read some of our best tips for Pinterest.

You can set up a Pinterest business account at or convert a personal account that you already have into a business account.  The business account will allow you to promote pins, access analytics, and more that you cannot do with a personal account.  Then read more information about marketing on Pinterest.

Happy pinning!

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