I love the Oxygen theme for WordPress, but parts of it can be confusing.  I recently moved my site hosting from wordpress.com to self-hosting wordpress.org, and suddenly I found my Oxygen theme not working!

Good news is, it just needs a few tweaks.  Since I figured most of it out (I think), I’m posting tips here:

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Oxygen theme For WordPress.com

Featured Slider on front page

  • Make a new, blank page titled Showcase, and set its template to Showcase Page. (Right hand column under Page Attributes).
  • Make another new blank page, and title it Blog.  Default template is fine.  (You can name these two pages anything you want, just make sure you choose the corresponding pages in the next step).
  • Go to Settings > Reading, and under Front Page Displays, choose “static page”, and change the pages to Front Page: Showcase and Post Page: Blog (or whatever you decided to name them).

Make posts appear in the Featured Slider on the front page

  • Edit the post you want in the Slider.
  • Under Visibility (far right column, top, in the “publish” area), under “public”, checkmark “sticky”.
  • Make sure to add a Featured Image, at least 750 pixels wide.  This is done on the blog post, far right column, down near the bottom under “Featured Image”.
  • Click Publish button.

Other posts will automatically appear on the front page as well.  Make sure they each have an image of 470 pixels wide somewhere in the body, otherwise they will have a blank box above them.

For WordPress.org  / self-hosted sites

Featured slider on front page:

  • Make a new, blank page titled Home, and set it’s template to Front Page. (I wasn’t able to use my previous page I had titled “Showcase”, but that’s no big deal, I just made the new page named Home and deleted the old Showcase).
  • Edit posts you want to appear here.  While in edit mode, in the far right column, very bottom, under Featured Location, choose “featured”.
  • They should not be sticky posts, so if you are moving (like I did), go to Visibility, click edit, and uncheck the stick post box.
  • Add a featured image.  Recommended featured image size:  750 pixels wide x 380 pixels high.

Make other blog posts show up on front page

At first, my other blog posts weren’t showing up on the front page when using Oxygen theme.  Quick fix!

  • Edit the blog post, and choose either Primary or Secondary under “Feature Location” (very right column, bottom).  And image sizes of 470 wide x 140 tall work best for these.

I also found that there was nowhere to upload a header image in Oxygen theme when it’s self-hosted.  Another quick fix!  Edit your header.php file, and insert the image in the file.

  • Right under <div id=”header”;>, insert:  <img src=”https://locationofimage.com”;>.  It’s really easy if you upload the image through wordpress like any other media, then copy the URL that WordPress gives the image.
  • If you don’t want any of the header text showing (site title and description), delete these following four lines from the file:

<div id=”branding”>

<?php oxygen_site_title(); ?>

<?php hybrid_site_description(); ?>

</div><!– #branding –>

  • Save your header.php file.  Now your header image should show.

The other few fixes I had to make were re-selecting my top and side menus, and setting back up my widgets.  View my self-hosted site using the Oxygen theme at https://hitthegrounddancing.com

Hope this helps!

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