[REVIEW] The Social Dilemma Documentary on Netflix – What Did You Learn? Do You Need to Worry?

the social dilemma

A lot of people learned information on this documentary that shocked them. The video documentary did a really solid job of outlining how the algorithms of Facebook and other social media platforms work.

But do you need to worry about using social media? And how would that impact your business?

Social media platforms make their money off of advertising. Some of those ads are paid based upon clicks, and some of them off of impressions (simply being shown in your feed).

How a social media platform makes MORE money is by keeping you on the platform longer so that you see more ads. More ads shown = more money for them. This documentary does a good job of going into the psychological factors behind this.

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  • Nothing is free, so if you have access to a platform like social media for free, there is still an exchange happening, and in this case it’s of your data
  • Why advertisers love PPC – how tightly you can target your audience (and a quick explanation of the different targeting available on a few of the different programs)
  • The platform isn’t the problem and the advertisers aren’t the problem
  • What we need to be considering with our own biases
  • Simplified overview of how the algorithm keeps you on the site longer
  • Confirmation bias … we all have biases, as humans we want to confirm our own biases, and how the algorithm to keep us on the site accidentally plays into this
  • Conspiracy theories and how the algorithm keeps showing you things related to the biases you already have, pretty soon you’re not seeing posts related to the other side of the debate
  • Social media algorithm isn’t the problem; we are
  • A couple of ways we can all work to combat this
  • How we can all work together to keep the platforms SOCIAL
  • What businesses should focus on when using social media

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