Share your own stuff!

Why aren’t you sharing it?  If you don’t, why should anyone else?  Why are you waiting on them?

If you use WordPress for your website or blog, there is a VERY easy way to do this.  Go to your dashboard, click on Settings at the bottom of the menu, and choose Sharing.

On this page, at the top you can choose settings for WordPress to automatically share your blog posts with selected social networks.  Below that, there are settings which allow you to add sharing buttons to your blog posts so that readers can also share your posts.


After you choose those buttons (I suggest at a minimum Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter, but include other buttons where you have an account as well), SHARE your own posts!  How will other members of those social media sites find your posts if someone hasn’t shared them?

You need to be the first.

Go do it.  Now!