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Do you know what the number one problem that entrepreneurs have?

It’s not their lack of knowledge about how to grow a business. It’s not their lack of money. It’s not even their lack of time.

No, the biggest problem most entrepreneurs have is managing all of it.

Even if your day-to-day JOB is marketing, like mine (and since you’re here, I bet it isn’t), you can be an amazing marketer and still find yourself buried under emails, meetings, product launches, and so much. And if your job is NOT marketing, you’re trying to add all of those marketing pieces into your day as well.  And in this era when social media marketing has become absolutely essential for any business looking to grow… well, you get the picture.


After helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs with their marketing, we’ve met thousands with million-dollar-years, and tens of thousands more on the road to 7-figures. ONE important thing they all do is STOP doing their own marketing. 

This is what it takes to grow your business to the next level.

Our expert team of social media marketers are here to help you!

Our goal with every client we work with is always simple: To make it easier for them to focus on what they do best while we handle everything else from strategy execution through content distribution to analytics.

We will handle your social media so that you can spend more time handling your business!

Let’s make sure your business is the one that thrives in today’s world, not the one buried under an avalanche of messages and updates. Choose the package below that works best for your needs. Our flexible options of social media packages are meant to meet the needs of most entrepreneurs (and for others, we can customize any package).

We are here to handle your social media marketing, 

so that you can spend more time in your zone of genius.

We live and breathe social media, so that you don’t have to.


I’m Vicky Wu.

I help businesses clear away clutter of marketing to laser-focus on strategies that result in growth towards 7-figures and beyond, setting up marketing processes and procedures to generate results both now and in the long term.

I draw upon 30 years of experience marketing for world-class organizations, as a CMO, including Fortune 500 companies, multi-million and multi-billion-dollar organizations, nonprofits with no budget, and entrepreneurs and startups with little.

I am an early adopter and innovator of marketing using all of the mainstream social media platforms and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs enhance their social media marketing.

We offer you a range of high quality content and growth-related services across the top social media networks.

With my high-level marketing strategy expertise, plus implementation by my team of Social Media Managers, you get the best strategy combined with the best pricing possible.

Plus, we don’t limit our recommendations to only your social media marketing. We always look at every piece of marketing strategy as an integral part of a whole – that’s just the way I work because that’s what gets the best results for our clients! 

We will make recommendations as to ways you can integrate your social media strategy into other existing marketing strategies, or recommend new ones when we know they provide good results. Our work and recommendations always center around all of the marketing pieces that are best for your business – even when you only use us for one service.


We serve the following industries - and more!

Call Center
Food & Beverage
Health & Wellnes
Home Services
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Real Estate
Software / SAAS
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Social Media Marketing Packages

Packages are designed to meet the needs of most entrepreneurs. If you need a custom social media package, simply schedule a free consultation to discuss your unique needs.