We’ve talked about scheduling Facebook, scheduling blog posts, but did you know…

You can schedule GMail emails! I use GMail almost exclusively for my personal and dance use.  But I never searched to see if there is a way to schedule emails to send later (almost like a drip campaign).  If you’re read other posts, you know I like to pre-schedule often, to make best use of my time. But I did this weekend, and found it! If you use Firefox or Chrome (and Chrome is my preferred browser), you can install

How do I deal with people causing problems on my Facebook page?

I recently offered advice to someone needing help with a person who was causing big problems on their Facebook business page.  Their page has over 6,000 likes, but they were worried that they would have to shut it down due to these couple of people (who had caused problems at their physical location the weekend before to the point that the sheriff was called and they were removed from the property.)  They had turned off ability for anyone to comment on the page, but that isn’t really what you want in social media. Here is the advice I gave:

Facebook status tips

In addition to posting status updates consistently, there are a few other tips for your postings on Facebook: Attach a photo.  A status update with a photo included are five times more effective. Attach a video.  A status update with a video included are ten times more effective. Stay away from only including links – those are least effective. Use discount or partner offers when available.  This is especially good if you don’t have a photo or a video.  Links in this type of update are effective. But again, CONSISTENCY is most important!