Yes we all hear people moan and groan whenever Facebook introduces something new – as a species we sure don’t like change!  But I have been switched over to the new timeline for Facebook Pages (once known as fan pages – the page for your business) and I LOVE the new features!

Since you won’t have a choice – all Facebook pages will move over to the timeline on March 30, I want to help you EMBRACE the change by highlighting some of the new features and those things you should do first!

Admin panel

Probably my favorite feature, the admin panel is now right at the top of your page!  Quickly see your latest interactions.

Cover Photo

This photo is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high.  If you use a larger photo, you will have the ability to reposition it by dragging it around.  Most people aren’t wizards with Photoshop, and if this is you too, I recommend that you choose a photo that is larger and reposition it to show the most relevant content.

When choosing your photo, think about your industry.  Check out what other people are doing to get ideas.

Your cover photo may NOT include pricing information or sale/discount information; any contact information; or any call to action such as “like” or “buy” or “call me”.

Profile photo

This is the small box photo, sized 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels high.  Perfect place for a photo of you, or for your logo.  This shows in the lower left of your cover photo, and is also used whenever you post things on Facebook as your page.


These are the first four boxes below your cover photo.  The first is always Photos and cannot be moved or changed.  The other three can be moved and changed.  More can be found in the dropdown arrow next to these four apps.  So think strategically about which three things you want visible in these spots.  For those of you who are a bit more proficient, consider having one app that is a call to action – “Like us and win!”, or perhaps “Free white paper about _____________”.


Much like your former “wall”, but better!  You now have the ability to go in and add milestones – such as when you started in your career, or when you won awards in the past.  Include photos whenever possible.  This is also where your photos and posts will show.  Be sure to keep current and relevant content, and interact with your fans as much as possible but in a natural way.

Featuring photos and posts

Each post or photo allows you to star it (which makes it wide in the timeline and much more visible).  Use this feature sparingly.  You can also “pin” items, which make it appear on the top of your page for 7 days, which you will want to do for your most popular content.

Other new features:

Page admins (that would be you) and fans can now talk privately when the fan messages the admin first.  Previously the only communication readily available was through posts on your “wall”.