In the News: The Rising Tide Society’s Business Processes and Planning Ultimate Guide

I’m excited to have been featured to share some of my knowledge in The Rising Tide Society’s newest guide for 2021. You can download a copy from their website – and I highly recommend that you do because it’s packed full of great information for your business.

Their new guide shares:

  • The importance of tracking and automating your business processes and planning – and how you can build positive customer experience with that data
  • The key elements and stats to evaluate for a successful DIY marketing audit
  • Goal setting tips that set you and your business apart, both professionally and personally

You can download the full guide or individual sections covering:

  • Tracking and Automating Your Business Processes
  • How to Streamline Bookkeeping for Your Business
  • My Best Business Planning Tool: Why Boundaries Make Me a Better Businesswoman
  • How to Perform a Quick Marketing Audit to Develop Your 2021 Strategy
  • 6 Workflows to Keep You Sane (And Boost Your Profits)
  • 4 Simple Goal Setting Tips to Stop Wasting Time
  • Creating a Goal Map for Personal and Professional Goals

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