Upgrade your brand appearance – right in your clients’ hands

Have you ever handed a prospective client a business card and had them say “oooh this is nice”?

I’m not saying that’s the ONLY thing that will make them remember you, but every bit helps.  A prospect having such a positive reaction to one of the first things you introduce them to will set the tone for a positive relationship.  It’s all psychological!

My newest set of business cards came from Moo and they have premium stock paper.  It’s thicker than normal business cards and has a finish that is nice to touch.   Ooooh.  Plus I have 6 different backs (you can have up to 50), which keeps things interesting if I’m handing out cards to several people in one location – it can become a discussion point.  If I’m an artist I can feature a different work of art on the back of my cards.  Or I can tailor a specific message on the back to different client demographics!

Are you ready to upgrade the appearance of your business right where you want – in your clients’ hands?  And at an affordable price?

I can offer you a discount on Moo printing!

  • Would you love to have your your business cards STAND OUT from the crowd?
  • How about luxury paper stock, round corners, oversize cards, and up to 50 different backs?
  • Or what about special features such as gold foil, or chip-embedded cards which will automatically interact with your client’s smartphone with just one tap?  How cool is that – and super-memorable!
  • Business cards, brochures, and more!

Business cards with the features above – including custom-
designing your cards for you if needed – with prices starting at only $19.99.  Prices do vary according to options selected.

Ready to get the quality of MOO at a special rate just for my clients? Contact us to start your new business card order today! [email protected]

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