• How long does a project typically take?

    Depends upon the extent of the project. Some very basic websites we’ve had done in two weeks. Some take months. Often this also depends upon how quickly the client gets information back to us.

  • I am already set up with a vendor for hosting. Can I retain that if I choose to move forward with you?

    Yes. We always have the clients remain in full control of their hosting choice.

  • I do not have hosting or a domain name – can you help?

    Absolutely – if you don’t already have hosting or are looking to change, we can recommend some of our favorite hosts – great price and great support. With some, a domain name is included; with others, we will also connect you to other places you can purchase your URL.

  • What SEO practices do you employ? Do you help me learn to manage those after you are done??

    We employ all of the website-based SEO – meta tags and descriptions, alt tags, etc. We also upload plugins that will help you easily maintain those after. And websites come with an hour of training after setup so that you know how to work the major pieces.

  • How do you determine keywords for my site?

    In conjunction with you, in researching your industry, in considering your buyer personas, and in using various keyword research tools at our disposal.

  • What if I need additional, ongoing SEO services?

    Optimizing for search engines is something that should happen on an ongoing basis, not just with your website but with your entire online presence. We can provide a separate quote for ongoing SEO services after the website is complete.

  • I am a writer. So I don’t need copywriting or help with written content, but I may need help with images. Can you do that?

    Yes, images are included. See the proposal details below.

  • I’m not a writer. I will need help with content, can you do that?

    Yes. We will perform basic edits on all copy submitted to correct spelling and grammar, and add basic SEO functionality. If you need custom copywriting service, you can add this on as well.

  • Do you build custom sites or use website templates?

    All WordPress sites are built upon templates, so the options are a completely customized template (which is not included in the proposal below) or choosing a template from among the thousands already available. If you are wanting flexibility to do some of your own work later, we always select a template designed by a third party vendor since they also provide updates and, in many cases, support – otherwise you are forever beholden to use to make updates for you.

  • How many unique web page layouts will you be designing?

    All WordPress themes come with multiple layouts built in. For the majority of our clients, these are all that they need, and we can always customize more if needed. We can help you determine your exact needs and modify the quote to add on more if needed.

  • How many rounds of revisions will you provide?

    See the proposal information below. We rarely tell you no if you just need one more revision, we can be flexible – and you have the option to purchase additional packs of hours as needed if you need to expand the scope of work.

  • How will you make my site stand out so it doesn’t look cookie cutter like everyone else?

    It’s never cookie cutter because we never copy someone else, and even though a theme is always used for WordPress, every piece of that theme is customized for your business. Proper use of your branding is the best way to make it truly unique..

  • How will my site help me generate sales?

    The job of the website is to help convert visitors to leads and then to buyers. We build lead generation strategies into the site to help you accomplish those goals. A website is only one part of generating sales, although it is an important part.

  • Will my site be built to grow as my business grows?

    Yes … because it’s built on WordPress, capability to expand is built in. WordPress also offers tons of plugins to extend functionality – many of those free (although we always recommend you limit plugins as they can slow down your site, so we choose them carefully). Plus our questionnaire (you’ll be getting this via email) helps explore a lot of future functionality needed.

  • Is there a warranty on your work for any period of time post-completion?

    We make any changes as needed during the first month after “launch” or going “live” (testing has occurred before then). We handle all software updates, plus monthly backups, and other maintenance for all website we’ve done for 6 months. You will also have the option to purchase this maintenance beyond that timeframe at a very affordable cost.

  • Do you work alone or with other people? If not alone, with whom else?

    Depends upon your needs. If you need any specialized functionality that requires programming, I have a programmer (happens to be my son – put that degree to more use that just his fulltime job!). I also have a team of VAs that sometimes provide specialized pieces, which allows me to keep prices low. These VAs have all been vetted through an application process and we have used them on other client projects. We oversee any work that others perform.

  • Do you provide mockup layouts of the website design prior to development?

    Yes, although note we have found that the initial mockup rarely looks like the final product after the rounds of revisions, because you will various pieces of your design things tweaked and fine-tuned as we go along. See the proposal for more details.

  • Will you keep me in the loop and updated throughout the process?

    Yes. Regular reminders for tasks that need your completion, regular requests to review pages, and regularly scheduled check-in calls during which we will review progress and make changes.

  • Do you use any software tools to aid you in your design work?

    Adobe Creative Suite is our primary one, and we have access to tons of other tools. Plus we use task boards, and save all documents in a client portal for you.

  • Will I be able to update the website on my own? Will you provide training on that?

    Yes, and that’s part of the beauty of WordPress is it’s ease of use. Plus we provide you with a few basic video trainings covering how to do common tasks that are the same across all WordPress websites, and individual training is included in your quote below which will assist you in feeling comfortable making your own updates.

  • What kind of testing do you perform prior to the launch of a new website?

    We view each page in multiple different browsers and different screen sizes. We test lead forms and other functionality. We have a few people who try to break things.

  • What are your payment terms?

    50% upon acceptance of contract; 30% upon design mockup acceptance; 20% upon going live, fully detailed in the contract.

  • Will I be able to see the website as you’re creating it?


  • Will I own my website once it’s completed?

    When completed and paid in full – absolutely. One of our pet peeves is vendors who hold websites hostage.

  • Who owns the site’s artwork?

    For all stock images used, the original artist owns it although you are granted license to use it and display it on your site per their copyright guidelines. This is always the case with art and copyrights – an artist does not transfer ownership of their art without a large fee attached. So we make purchases of the license to use the image on your behalf, and you hold that license.

  • Will I be able to access my website statistics without contacting you?

    Yes, we add you to all analytics profiles that we set up for your site. We will also pull reports at your request to send to you, or explain them to you, during the 6 month maintenance period.

  • What do you need from me to get started?

    1. Review and acceptance of this proposal 2. That will trigger a contract to review and accept 3. That will trigger invoice for payment of deposit 4. Completion of the new client Onboarding questionnaire that you will receive via email 5. Completion of the Website Planning Worksheet that you will receive via email From there, we will book the first of many “discovery” calls where I can gather more information about the look, feel, functionality, etc. and also discuss additional services you may need access to