Prefer to DIY your SEO?

There are a few common things we hear from entrepreneurs who are trying to DIY their SEO:

Who this is for

Have you ever said to yourself:

  • I need my website to be found
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I get overwhelmed when I try to Google to find an answer
  • I don’t understand the technical stuff
  • I don’t have time to waste so I need to know what’s most important
  • I’m not quite at the point where I can pay someone else yet, so I just need to get the basics going
  • I just want someone who can tell me what to do and make it easy!
diy seo

Do any of these sound like you?

If so, you’re in the right place.

This “Done With You” SEO mentorship program provides the less expensive option of doing your own SEO, while being connected to our team of experts.

Our background

I am an expert at SEO, and an expert at making complex topics feel simple.

I have personally been performing SEO for over a decade – both with Fortune 500 companies and with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. Previously, the only way you could access my expertise was to purchase done-for-you SEO services and let our team handle it for you. However, I really enjoy teaching others and wanted an option available for the entrepreneurs who weren’t quite ready – or able – to invest at that level. 

I still recommend that you let the pro handle this for you – your zone of genius in your business likely lies elsewhere and that’s where you should keep your focus – but if you’re not quite ready, we will take good care of you here.

This program includes

I pack a ton of information into this program.  

We’ve just recently moved the program to Discord to provide you easier access, which means we are uploading a lot of new resources!

There’s so much information available – but it’s always your choice to find resources that you need or to focus on our live trainings. And you can ask questions related to your individual SEO issues in the group at any time – this helps everyone learn from each other!

  • Weekly SEO audits emailed to you, with specific technical fixes to help your website rank higher
  • List of recommendations from top SEO experts outlining items for you to tackle, ranked by importance
  • Compare weekly audits to the week(s) prior to see improvement
  • Check historical and detailed rankings for your top keyword(s)
  • Analytics and traffic information right from Google Analytics
  • Competitor research and benchmarking
  • Backlink checking
  • Membership in our EXCLUSIVE Discord server where you can ask questions and get answers
  • Access to search engine optimization group coaching and training videos and programs in our private Discord server – this group includes training on some of the less “technical” search strategies that have recently been enacted by Google


The best part is that you aren’t locked into this forever. Come for as long as you need, get the information that will help. We actually LOVE it when you leave – because that means you’ve learned enough to get you to the place you want to be.

Get started with support from our SEO experts by joining our SEO mentor program. 
Full access to Discord SEO & Grow mentorship group. 
  • Ask questions and get answers from experts.
  • Follow along with our guided SEO activities which have been carefully curated for you based upon decades of research – yet they aren’t so overwhelming that you won’t be able to improve your own website. 
  • Receive articles, videos, access to some of our favorite resources, live and pre-recorded training sessions. 
  • Get website feedback from your peers. 
  • FREE access to TONS of our paid products – including the same SEO tool we use with our own clients. 
  • Referral program – you earn for every paid member that you refer – for as long as you’re both a member.
  • Plus special giveaways! Because we like to have fun.

Did we say … we’re fun!

For the most seamless process, I recommend that you join Discord before starting the process below. It’s completely free, and already having your username and password set up will make the checkout process below much quicker. If you already have an existing Discord account, you can skip this step.

Choose to download the Discord program to your computer (recommended) or use the web-based version. I also recommend downloading the mobile app if you prefer to use your phone. Think of which method you would be most likely to use to ask on-the-fly questions, and to access training videos etc. Because it is cloud-based, you can use the same login on multiple platforms, which makes it super easy.

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