Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization that goes beyond traditional SEO, at competitive rates.

SEO Results

While your results will vary based upon factors such as where you are currently in your optimization strategies, and the overall goals are for your company, here are a few of the results our clients have quickly achieved for SEO clients:

SEO Case Study 1

Saved over $27,000 per year by cleaning up negative keywords:

SEO Case Study 2

Increased monthly revenue by $42,000 after 3 months of SEO service AND saved them $2,500 in expenses a month: see case study #1 at

SEO Case Study 3

Moved to page 1 of Google results from page 36 of results – all organic results with absolutely no ad spend.

SEO Case Study 4

Increased customer calls by 1900% simply by optimizing one video on YouTube.

How Our Search Engine Optimization is Different

Our SEO services are provided with a holistic marketing approach, considering that not only do we have the technical background that most SEO provides offer but we also have highly skilled marketers on staff.

The whole point of optimizing your website – and your entire online presence – for search engines isn’t just to get traffic – it’s to get PAYING CUSTOMERS.

This is why we combine our vast expertise with SEO and our vast experience with marketing in general to provide your business with the most effective and up-do-date SEO strategies that are specifically designed to help generate more conversions.

Here’s our multi-stage approach to SEO:  

1st SEO stage – Detailed SEO Audit

A highly detailed version that we do for planning once SEO clients come on board.  You can’t know what strategies you need to enact until you know where you’re starting from.

2nd SEO stage – Technical Updates

Making sure the required technical basics are in place; these are outlined in the audit and are critical for making sure that your website can be crawled properly by search engines.  We also make sure there are no bad backlinks that need to be disavowed in Google (it happens!) or penalties that need to be fixed before your website will be properly indexed.

3rd SEO stage – Initial Calls to Action

Enacting initial, basic CTAs on your site – more traffic doesn’t help if people think they need to keep searching elsewhere because you haven’t told them to do anything else.

4th SEO stage – On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO: meta titles and tags and descriptions, keyword optimization, image keywords, etc.  This is where we begin going through and editing existing pages and blog posts.  If you consistently add new blog articles to your website – which we highly recommend – this stage will be revisited regularly as part of your ongoing SEO implementation to update those articles as they are added.

5th SEO stage – Full Digital Presence

This is an importantpart which a lot of other providers miss.  This includes optimizing your entire digital presence:  off-site optimization of listings, additional backlink building recommendations.

6th SEO stage – Optimizing for User Intent and other New Google Algorithm Updates

This stage is most critical when you consider some of Google’s most recent SEO algorithm updates, which you can read about at the links below – and one of the stages that is NOT provided by most technical-focused SEO agencies.   We optimize for some of these updates during the course of the 4th and 5th stage of our process, and the rest are covered now, which may include further optimizing individual pages and posts.     This stage includes optimizing your website for your buyer’s journey and fine-tuning your posts and pages and your CTAs and keywords to directly correlate to each part of the user journey.

SEO Packages

Depending upon budget and needs, many of our clients consider SEO packages.

Hourly SEO packages allow several things:

  • You stay in control of your budget (weekly, monthly or other) since you determine how many hours you need assistance, and how often.  Work never goes beyond what you have chose, so there are no unexpected expenses.
  • For those who want to be learning how to do some of the work themselves, hours in the package can be used for live one-on-one training.
  • Hours in the package can also be used to have us perform the more technical aspects (those pieces that you will never want to do, or setting up technical pieces so that you can) offline, to make use of your purchased hours most efficient.

Getting Started with SEO

If you are ready to receive a quote, you can go directly to our SEO Pricing page.

If you would like to first find out how much work may be involved, we can to start with an in-depth SEO Audit.  Complete the popup on this page or request your website SEO audit here.

What About an SEO Plugin?

If you use WordPress, these can be a great option.  You’ve probably heard a lot about Yoast – but if you’re not as comfortable with SEO or even with making changes to your site, plus it can require additional plugins to work seamlessly with some other plugins, so it’s not the one we recommend for beginners.

We always suggest Squirrly SEO plugin because it’s super easy to use, and you get regular reports outlining some tasks to do to improve your SEO.  It’s what we use on our site, and our client sites, in addition to other SEO strategies that are off-page.

Plugins can make it easy to do some on-page SEO tasks yourself, but note even if you have been implementing some of this – through Yoast or Squirrly or otherwise – there are probably still many areas of improving your SEO that you are missing out on.  We recommend you request a free SEO audit from above.

Video SEO

One often overlooked area for SEO is videos on YouTube.

In addition to website search engine optimization, we can optimize your YouTube videos for search engines as well.

YouTube is one of the largest search engines available – second only to Google.  Since it’s owned by Google, it also directly impacts search results found on

Affordable SEO package rates are available.  Contact us for more information about YouTube SEO.

Custom Package Rates for SEO

If you have a large website, a WooCommerce site with multiple products that need SEO, want to combine a site plus ecommerce and video, or any large project, custom package rates are usually the best way to go.

This allows us to customize a package built specifically for your needs, and let you chose how much and how often to pay (weekly, monthly) – and provide a larger discount overall.

Schedule a free SEO consultation and we will discuss your unique needs so that we can develop a proposal that will best fit your needs: