What information should you put on QR codes?

QR CodesI have a love/hate relationship with QR codes.   While they aren’t quite the rage they once were, when used well they can be very effective.  I love that they can be almost universally used to put potential clients in quick touch with the information you want them to have.  I hate that they are often used badly.  I really hate that once you’ve printed them, they can’t be changed on all the stuffyou have out in the world.But you can work around that!  One idea is to generate a QR code that directs to a special webpage that you make (you could even use a Google Site or a Wix.com page), that you update regularly with new pertinent information.  That way you don’t have to worry about changing out the QR codes, but you can always change out the information.  You can also just have the QR code be set up to dial your phone number … not much better than getting a live potential client human being on the other end!Think through what you want to happen once a potential client scans your QR code. I used to do a lot of marketing and advertising for car dealers, and what they always wanted was to get “bodies in seats” … because they knew from statistics that once you had a person in a car, test driving, the chances of them buying THAT car increased exponentially.  So what information could you attach to a QR code that would get “bodies in the door”?   It’s all about GETTING THE APPOINTMENT and not talking yourself or the client out of it (we’re our own worst enemies!)

Here are a few ideas:

House for Sale sign – attach the QR code to your phone number, so the person who is already AT the house (if they’re standing there scanning the code) can speak directly to you.  What better than to tell them “if you can wait 10 minutes I can be there to show you this great house!”

Restaurant – when I think of food, I think of food!  But if you have an advertisement out in the community, you want the QR code to point to a combination of FOOD (delicious-looking photos) plus your location (or better yet, driving directions!), or perhaps your phone number if you’re thinking catering.

Get creative – have your customers scan a QR code monthly (this would work really well with a monthly direct-mail piece), and each month you have a different special, discount or coupon they can access.  (The website can stay the same – the special you can update monthly).

Nonprofits – depends upon what you want – donations? Try a QR code that takes people directly to a PayPal or similar donation page already set up.

What ideas have you had for creative QR code uses?  Share in the comments below.


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