What You Need to Build Better Trust Among Your Customers

If your customers trust you, they will be loyal to both your company and brand. In contrast, if they don’t trust you, they have plenty of other options in the market to find your replacement. Now, more than ever, establishing and keeping trust is critical in business. How can you build better trust among your customers?

Improve Your Reputation

You can’t trust someone you don’t know, so it’s critical to offer clues to your clients about who you are and what you do well, to get to know one another quickly and easily. In a modern marketplace, this especially involves how your business is reviewed. Negative reviews are, obviously, not as desirable as positive ones—however, the most critical thing with reviews is how you take care of them and resolve negative notes. If you can quickly resolve the issue, this builds trust. Word-of-mouth is great, and digital word of mouth is just as useful for getting new customers, who heard from their aunt’s cousin that you were the best in the business!

Use Success Stories

Along with reviews, your positive stories of business you have completed make a huge difference to future clients. Including case studies on your website can help build trust in your business. Customers want to know what kinds of problems you have solved, and what sort of complicated work you have already completed. They need to know if they can trust a complex case or project into your hands.

Be Honest

This one is the most complex.  Just as in a relationship, the wounds never fully heal if cheating has occurred. The same is true in business aspects. Consumers often remember restaurants where they got food poisoning or shifty businessmen and tend to share those stories. You want to do your best work, and, if a problem arises, resolve the issue quickly. If you cannot resolve it, find a compromise that makes all parties feel supported.

It sometimes seems like a faster way to make a buck to play loose with morals or words, but in the end, relationships are built upon trust. It seems counterintuitive to some aspects of business. However, honesty is the best policy in business and especially in building a healthy, genuine loyalty in customers which will last for decades to come.

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