Fresh Fruits and vegetables.
Fresh Fruits and vegetables.

In this category I’m going to share some of my favorite vegetarian recipes and tips … but first I wanted to tell you WHY I became vegetarian.

Really we need to travel back to when I was about four years old and my aunt told me that meat didn’t really grow on trees – it came from that cow over there. My mom had told me trees to get me to eat, and when my aunt innocently told me something else … well … I stopped eating meat for a long time. (At least it seemed like a long time, may have only been a couple of weeks in reality lol).

Looking back now, I sort of feel sorry for my single mother who probably had enough things on her shoulders without worrying about one daughter who wouldn’t eat any meat, and having to buy special things (which she probably didn’t have money for) and having to prepare special things (which she didn’t have time for).  She would try to bribe me with McDonald’s and I wouldn’t even go for it.

Eventually I did start eating meat again (to much protest I’m sure), and stayed that way for a long time.

Then one day a couple of years ago I watched a documentary, like I often do, this one called Vegucated.  (There’s a link to the DVD below from Amazon – my affiliate link which will earn me enough to buy about 1/2 a cup of coffee if you purchase – but I only link what I personally endorse! And you aren’t required to stop eating meat if you watch the video 😉 )

I won’t spoil the movie entirely, but the concept is that a researcher takes a small group of people and turns them vegan for 6 weeks, teaching them how to cook and everything related to being vegan.   At one point in the documentary, she shows a video to a group of people, and that video made me so ill from that moment on I was unable to eat meat. (There are a ton of similar videos you can see in many places, so it’s not like what she showed is a big secret).

I haven’t eaten meat since.

I may not be as strict as some people – I do eat dairy and eggs (so technically I guess I’m an ovolactarian), because those don’t make me queasy and it makes being vegetarian with a house full of hungry males much easier.  After about 2 1/2 years it’s to the point where if something is cooked with meat (such as soup stock), it can make me queasy after I unknowingly eat it, like it’s too greasy.

Anyway, that’s my why.  The rest of this section of my blog will have different tips and tricks and recipes that I’ve found so far on my journey.

And if you’re interested, the video is available on Amazon: