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Entrepreneur Question:

Can you take a look at my Facebook image ad and give me an idea of how to make it get a better response? I'm not seeing the CTR I hoped for.

Expert Answer:

I was able to review your ad with the link you sent, and have a tip.
Since the primary focus of your ad is the image creative, you need to think through how you can optimize this image for *video*.
When your ad placement includes instream and stories, these placements are shown as video clips, which means they are likely shown for 3 seconds max and then disappear.  Some of your images aren’t optimized for this … which means your CTR will suffer.
Go back and turn on the “turn into video” feature. That should help your image be more efficient in these video placements, and thereby increase your traffic.


I did what you suggested and lo and behold, traffic jumped by 50% doubling my sales! Thanks!

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