These days everyone on social media is talking about starting their own business. It’s a good idea to head out on your own–as we saw in 2020.

But what does it take to be an entrepreneur? Today, most businesses have an online presence on the web. This means that, at some point, you’re going to have to work on your web design.

It can be pricey to have someone else do this, so you’re going to have to do it yourself when you’re just starting.

But where do you start? Should you take a web designing course online? And is it worth the investment?

Luckily for you, we’ll be discussing all that and more in this article. Come along with us, and by the end, you’ll be able to confidently decide if a web design course is right for you.

Web Design Course Options

After reading the introduction, you might have headed to Google and searched “web design course.”

If you did, you likely saw thousands of options come up within seconds flat. How do you choose the paid or free web design courses that are right for you?

A significant determining factor is going to be the amount of time you have available. If you’re doing this with the goal of helping your small business grow, chances are you’re not going back to school for a full-blown web design degree.

Since that’s the case, you’ll want to focus on a short-term DIY web design course that results in a certificate.

Is A Web Design Course Worth It?

The short answer is yes. It’s worth your time and money to complete a web design course.

According to, web developers are some of the most expensive positions for small business owners to fill.

Salaries in the website design field are on the rise. Because this skill is in high demand for some of the world’s biggest companies, web design experts can expect to be paid well for their abilities.

In fact, the average salary a web developer can expect is close to $70,000 in the United States. Senior developers fair even better. They can expect to command close to a $100,000 salary for their work.

You could pay a web designer on a pay-as-you-go basis, or pay them monthly. But it’s still a large expense for any small business owner just starting.

The New Wave

Every industry is moving toward a more significant digital presence. The biggest change has been seen in the retail space. Over half of sales are the result of online purchases. Just look at how much companies like Amazon have become a part of our everyday lives.

This means clean, easy-to-navigate websites are essential for these businesses to thrive.

In addition, there’s a considerable push toward mobile applications across multiple industries. More than half of traffic to businesses comes from mobile browsing.

Many of the larger, global companies are slow to adapt to changes in technology like this. Designing a clean, user-friendly website can set your business apart from the larger companies in your industry

Design Your Future

With an economy that’s becoming more digital by the day, a web design course is a worthwhile investment. It can be a key piece in helping your small business grow and succeed.

If you have questions about web design courses or anything else web design-related, connect for a free consultation. We’d love to help you on your journey to the top!

Or, visit our Website Design Center to determine if you want a DIY website solution, or a done-for-you website solution.

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