Entrepreneur Interview with Elle Monus of True Image Group

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In this episode we’re chatting with Elle Monus, Co-Founder of True Image Group. Elle builds businesses and specializes in branding and scaling high-growth startups. Her passion for style and branding started when she had the opportunity to build out the Styling function of a popular clothing subscription box. She how to balance a professional presence and femme fashion in order to wow inside and out of the conference room.

Find out more about True Image Group at www.facebook.com/trueimagegroup

Here’s some highlights from the interview:

  • 1:40 styling who you are and where you want to be in life
  • 2:15 what got Elle started in this business
  • 3:45 why style needs to also be about your personality and lifestlye
  • 5:40 their six-week course that covers style pain points
  • 6:20 marketing issues when they first started and what questions they asked themselves
  • 7:00 until you have knowledge of what you need to be doing before you can determine the budget
  • 8:30 why businesses need to focus on
  • 9:02 what she wishes someone had told her before becoming an entrepreneur
  • 12:12 how their styling service happens
  • 16:32 her favorite client
  • 18:33 local or virtual services
  • 19:42 how to reach True Image Group
  • 20:28 some of the largest lessons I learned at my last marketing job
  • 21:00 rebranding to no longer be viewed as a small mom and pop shop
  • 22:00 my decision process when considering one of our possible marketing strategies
  • 23:13 becoming official partner of the Dallas Cowboys
  • 24:03 the marketing commitment involved
  • 24:50 considering the philosophy of both organizations before the partnership
  • 26:00 organizational skills and needs
  • 26:49 does the brand need to reflect who the client is, or itself, or a blend of both?

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