The Marketing Changes I See Coming to MLMs

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You’ve seen the changes on the horizon – how do you plan to change your marketing now to be prepared? If you’re involved in an MLM business or have friends who are, you may have seen information recently on the massive change that Advocare has made to it’s structure – they removed 100,000 distributors and are switching their focus on direct-to-consumer sales. Advocare is NOT the only company who has made a switch in their structure recently. Note: I am not a lawyer and none […]

The Importance of Marketing to Your Customers Where They Are

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With 7 Mini Marketing Case Studies One of the most common marketing strategies we always encourage our clients to undertake is making sure that they market to their customers and prospects where they already are. This is actually the very basis of “guerilla marketing” (not to be confused with gorilla marketing), a term coined by Jay Levinson in some of his books relating to the topic, in which companies use inventive ways to present a message. This strategy has actually continued to change and evolve […]

Do I Really Need (Fill in the Blank) for my Business Marketing?

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I get SO many questions about marketing a business that are along the lines of: “I am working with a marketing coach and she said I must start using Pinterest for my business. I’ve never even been on Pinterest, do I really have to be using it?” “I am working with a social media guru and she said I must start doing a live video at least once a day on my business page. I hate being on video, but I’ve tried a few but […]

Free Search Engine Optimization SEO Audit

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SEO Audit - Search Engine Optimization

Google has already announced an update to their search engine algorithm for 2021. There are things you can do for your website now to be ready for the new update, and to improve your overall rankings in search results. One of the most important things you can do is perform an SEO Audit. It’s important to understand where you need to start, and make sure that critical technical pieces are addressed before moving on to overall improvement of your site content.