January 12, 2017

Website Portfolio

Samples of some of the website we’ve built below.

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Website Redesign Before/After

Scroll through these images to see before and after screenshots of some of our recent website redesigns.  You can grab the scroller in the center to switch the image from before to after.

Semper Fi Home Inspections

Semper Fi wanted to update and give a more modern look to their website, plus add features such as easy booking online, enhancing their blog, and automatic posting of blog to both their social media and feeding to their email distribution list.

[sciba leftsrc=”https://vickywu.us/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/semper-fi-home-before.png” leftlabel=”Before” rightsrc=”https://vickywu.us/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/semper-fi-home-after.png” rightlabel=”After” mode=”horizontal” width=”60%”]

Midco Electric

Midco Electric needed an update to their website, with the option to add e-commerce back into the website in the near future as a second setup step.  They wanted a website that would feature the culture of their company, be easy for even their non-technical staff to update, plus provide opportunity for future expansion when they’re ready to add e-commerce.

[sciba leftsrc=”https://vickywu.us/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/midco-old-website-1-1.png” leftlabel=”Before” rightsrc=”https://vickywu.us/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/midco-new-website-1.png” rightlabel=”After” mode=”horizontal” width=”60%”]

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New Website Design

These designs were developed for companies who do not yet have an online presence. Which option is used depends highly upon the key features that the company needs their website to do and have. This is all discussed during initial consultation as part of the proposal quote process.

Low-cost options

These businesses had very little budget to spend on a website, but wanted something basic to start their online presence.  After the very affordable fee for initial setup, the biggest expense for this group of websites is the domain name annual fee, which can vary but for most of these is around $20/year.  While this is never the first option we recommend, it can be a good beginning choice to get an initial online presence for businesses who otherwise have no website budget available.

Medium-cost options

Still very affordable, but these have some back-end features (such as shopping carts) and customized themes, plus require a website hosting plan from a services such as GoDaddy etc., which raise the price slightly, but they still easily fall within budget.