Marketing Case Studies

View some of the results our clients have achieved by viewing a selection of case studies on various marketing strategies – that prove no matter the size of your business and your goals, focused and targeted strategies can help get you there.

Case Study: Outsourced Marketing Department

Many businesses reach a level as they expand where they need the expertise that comes with a full marketing department – a CMO plus team members each with their areas of expertise – yet the business hasn’t quite reached the point where they are ready to hire all of these team members. This is when our outsourced marketing department can allow you to have the flexibility to expand, without paying full-time salaries for multiple positions on staff.

Case Study: Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

We understand that SEO does not, and should not, exist in a bubble. Beyond only the technical pieces of search engine optimization, we look at a company’s entire digital presence and develop an individualized plan to improve all areas that feed into SEO to produce the right type of results for that individual business.

Case Study: Online Reviews & Reputation Management

This client wanted to increase their overall rating on Google plus increase the number of reviews total, and we did this through one of our most basic Online Reputation Management services.

Case Study: Recruiting Lead Generation

This company did active recruiting for new agents and needed to find a way to reach more prospects without taking up more time and resources of the one recruiter on staff. This lead generation plan using a webinar did the trick!

Case Study: Corporate Rebranding

This company understood that branding is about MUCH more than simply a logo, color scheme or name. The rebranding was designed to meet specific goals around the company’s perception in the community … and it worked.

Case Study: Pay-Per-Click Advertising [PPC]

Entrepreneurs who are the sole person in their business, or perhaps have only one part-time or full-time person on their team, often have a harder time getting results from their pay-per-click advertising. They have smaller overall ad budgets, which means their campaigns need to be tightly optimized with focused targeting.