Susan Compagner email template for MailChimp. This broker needed a generic template that matched their new company branding and website, that would allow editing and updating of multiple portions of the newsletter.

OptimWise email template for MailChimp. OptimWise wanted a template that could coordinate with the rest of their online presence including website and social media, which would allow editing of different sections for various email uses.

Email Campaign Redesign – Before and After

This client needed help designing a very specific email that would be sent to a consumer list encouraging people to test their new platform which allowed custom designing of their product. They had started designing an email in MailChimp but wanted it updated for use with a third-party emailer. They wanted something eye-catching that would outline specifically what readers needed to do and why, so it was important to change the order of the sections contained in the email. Plus, it required being written in HTML only, with no CSS or other coding.