facebook page engagement

The Shocking Engagement Numbers I Found from “Famous” Facebook Pages

As part of my normal competitor research, I sometimes check competitor Facebook pages to see what type of posts they’re seeing the most engagement. This type of research is something you should be doing regularly as well. What I found this time was rather shocking. And it’s EXACTLY why I constantly say that you need to get people OFF social media and into your own funnel. I decided one way to benchmark was by researching some of the biggest names that most quickly came to […]

myth seo is all about keywords

Myth: SEO is ALL (or ONLY) About Keywords

This marketing myth says that SEO is all about keywords.  Let me explain why that is not the case! It used to be that the only thing Google was looking at in their algorithm was keywords –  and that’s how that old practice of “keyword stuffing” came to be, where people would repeat the same keyword over and over and over again on the page with no variations. They would stuff them in the meta description and the page titles, the header and footer, and […]

google seo update may 2020

Google SEO Update May 2020 – Our Best Tips

Google’s done it again. So let’s talk about the latest Google core SEO algorithm update, and how it may impact your search results. This update happened around the beginning of May, and I’ve been watching clients’ website traffic since. I’m going to tell you how to quickly check the impact it may have had on your website traffic; plus some specific tips on what you need to check and change: 1. Check Your Website Traffic To check your own traffic, you want to do is […]

reach your customer

Meet Them Where They’re At: How Your Business Can Better Reach Your Customer

At the end of the day, if you want to reach your customers, there is a simple truth: You have to go where they are. This is not as easy as it may sound, as you have to know a few critical pieces of information: Who your customers are, where they are, and how you can find them. However, there is good news: If you put in the leg work, you can unquestionably connect with your customers. Here’s how. Text Messaging With a majority of […]

i dont need a website because i have social media

Myth: I Don’t Need a Website Because I Have Social Media

Nooooooo! This is one of the most common marketing myths that I hear people say. And probably the WORST one to believe. Often, it’s coming from an entrepreneur who has had quite a bit of success building their business through social media. That’s where they’ve gained new customers, where they’ve communicated and engaged with customers and prospects, and even where they’ve communicated about orders and special sales by using Messenger or other communication pieces. However … when you’re talking about your business’ online presence, keeping […]

marketing myth cost too much

Myth: Help with Marketing Costs Too Much!

A Marketing Mythbuster – find out why this myth is FALSE! We often hear that people think getting help with marketing will cost too much. Of course considering your budget is important for every business, and especially for startups and entrepreneurs who don’t have access to huge capital like big corporations. Yet there are several documented benefits to why you should be getting assistance with your marketing. Get help with marketing to free up your time One of the basic tasks that hiring a marketer […]

marketing podcast

Your Marketing Department: Interview with Elle Monus of True Image Group

In this episode we’re chatting with Elle Monus, Co-Founder of True Image Group. Elle builds businesses and specializes in branding and scaling high-growth startups. Her passion for style and branding started when she had the opportunity to build out the Styling function of a popular clothing subscription box. She how to balance a professional presence and femme fashion in order to wow inside and out of the conference room. Find out more about True Image Group at www.facebook.com/trueimagegroup Here’s some highlights from the interview: 1:40 styling […]

don't cut this expense

Don’t Cut THIS Business Expense During a Recession!

Part of our Moving Your Business from Survive to Thrive Series Entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking to tighten their belts and trim expenses to weather the recession, which is a solid business practice. I’m doing that and I know you are too. Even if it’s only a few dollars a month, all of those things can add up, as we all know. We’ve mentioned why marketing expenses should be the last thing to cut during a recession (less competition can mean your marketing is […]

pivot your marketing

Turn a Weakness into a Strength – How One Business Pivoted

Part of our Moving Business from Survive to Thrive Series Quarantine and self isolation are impacting businesses and I know entrepreneurs are afraid. I want to tell you a story about a business that almost had to close their doors when their own business economy drastically changed … until they pivoted. This story is about Din Tai Fung, which is one of our top favorite restaurants in the world – we always stop in when we’re near one in any country. Founder Yang Bingyi initially […]

marketing during covid 19

Marketing During Covid-19: 5 Strategies to Use Right Now

Part of our Moving Business from Survive to Thrive series … this week I’m giving you five specific strategies you can and should be using in your marketing right now (plus a huge tip at the end about how you can pivot to selling online). Pivot Your Messaging Marketing during COVID-19 means you need to consider your messaging during COVID-19. This pandemic has impacted people on a very personal level, even if they haven’t contracted the virus. That stress can be at an unconscious / […]