What You Need to Build Better Trust Among Your Customers

If your customers trust you, they will be loyal to both your company and brand. In contrast, if they don’t trust you, they have plenty of other options in the market to find your replacement. Now, more than ever, establishing and keeping trust is critical in business. How can you build better trust among your customers? Improve Your Reputation You can’t trust someone you don’t know, so it’s critical to offer clues to your clients about who you are and what you do well, to […]

16 website diy design mistakes

16 DIY Website Design Mistakes Commonly Made by Entrepreneurs

I always tell entrepreneurs to get a website as quickly as possible, even if it’s very basic DIY option.  Yet I also know, at some point to make that growth into 7-figures and beyond to 10-figures, you need something that properly reflects the professionalism of your brand.  A lot of times this means bringing in a professional. Even until then, fixing some of these most common DIY website mistakes can mean a better experience for your prospects and customers, help them retain your information, and […]

Legal Issues You Need to Think About in Your Marketing Strategy

When you begin to market your company, you probably have a lot on your mind. From design ideas to your target audience, you have a lot to take care of, but it is also important that you make sure to keep your marketing campaign on the legal side of things. Here are a few legal considerations you should keep in mind as you build your marketing strategy. Data Collection Collecting customer information is essential and can help your business to flourish and target customers appropriately. […]

Entrepreneur Interview: Alana Henry Sharing Resume and LinkedIn Branding Tips

This entrepreneur interview is with Alana Henry from The Writique and she has some great tips for job seekers and entrepreneurs. Impassioned by her desire to improve equity in access to career development resources, Alana opened her business with the goal of helping disenfranchised job seekers obtain help to stand out in a competitive market. Equipped with the experience of working with 1000+ professionals, Alana now leads a team of writers who transform bland resumes and LinkedIn profiles into powerful branding materials that help her […]

Interview on Biz Buzz for BluHorn TV

Recently had the pleasure of speaking with David at BluHorn TV for their “Biz Buzz” segment and share my insights on marketing for 2021. It’s a less than 10-minute overview of some of my frequent recommendations for your marketing! Check out the interview here (what’s up with my cross-eyed expression lol … always odd faces I make on video!!)

Color of the Year 2021

It used to be that only Pantone released a “color of the year”. Now a few other major color players do, as well. But what do they mean? I’m curious – are you seeing any of these colors lately? I remember when I worked in marketing for retail (I did marketing for malls), I could walk through a mall at the start of any fashion season and tell you exactly what economic outlook was expected for that industry. Dark, drab colors meant that they were […]

The Rising Tide Society’s Business Processes and Planning Ultimate Guide

I’m excited to have been featured to share some of my knowledge in The Rising Tide Society’s newest guide for 2021. You can download a copy from their website – and I highly recommend that you do because it’s packed full of great information for your business. Their new guide shares: The importance of tracking and automating your business processes and planning – and how you can build positive customer experience with that data The key elements and stats to evaluate for a successful DIY […]

personal branding

Personal Branding: Perfect for Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers

Let’s discuss some personal branding tips. This is great information for a lot of people who have been furloughed recently in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic or otherwise. It’s also really great information for anybody who’s already an entrepreneur, or anyone who’s either getting ready to start looking for a new job or start their own business. These strategies are things I try to revisit regularly for myself and my clients and perform a quick “audit”. I’m also going to share a few tips […]

Entrepreneur Interview: Shauna Leigh Van Mourik with Shauna Leigh Artistry

Shauna Leigh Van Mourik with Shauna Leigh Artistry – refining your message to create copy that converts. Shauna will be sharing some tips that have helped her in business and can help you refine your message. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shauna-van-mourik-56a90786/ Website: https://www.shaunaleighartistry.com Instagram: @shaunaleigh.artistry Have you seen? Our MarketU hands-on marketing training courses have moved! 30 years of marketing experience distilled down into easy-to-follow step-by-step training videos that teach you how to do it and how to put it all together. Find out more information at https://vickywu.us/marketu-social-media-marketing-bootcamp/ […]

new social media platforms

New Social Media Platforms: Which Platform Should Your Business Be On? MeWe, Ello, Telegram, Parler?

Whenever new social platforms are introduced, I’m an early adopter. I sign up to evaluate them for clients – as to whether or not they’ll be helpful for a business, if not now, perhaps later.  Because I’ve been an early adopter, I’ve seen how they’ve started. I’ve also seen how they’ve evolved over time. And I see how they’re used now. And along the way the best practices that I’ve seen and developed are what I bring into my work These existing platforms like Facebook, […]