How to Quickly Check the Impact of Your SEO Efforts in 5 Minutes or Less

Let’s walk through how you can quickly and easily check the overall results of your search engine optimization activities in five minutes or less. This quick method is perfect for those times when you need to go in and do a quick check, but you don’t have tons of time to really dive into all of the reports that you can run and the different software you can use to see if your efforts are indeed getting results. This quick and easy method gives you […]

Marketing Obstacles Your Business Faces on the Road to Success

The road to success for your business is full of obstacles. Some of those obstacles are specific to your business’s marketing, which is unfortunate since marketing plays such a key role in how successful a business becomes. There are some marketing obstacles you should be aware of so that you can make a plan to address them. Keeping Up With Innovation Innovation is one of the hallmarks of technology and the digital world. People are always trying to find ways to make something better or […]

creative marketing

How to Boost Creativity in Your Marketing, Your Business (and Your Life)!

So many people are told that they “aren’t creative” … or believe it even if those words have never been said directly to them. Creativity isn’t about being an artist, a musician, or taking part in some other profession or hobby that is normally considered part of a “creative” field. Creativity is all about how you create life. Vicky Wu Something inside me feels gloomy when I hear someone say that they aren’t creative. It’s not true … we all have creativity inside and it […]

marketing myth it worked for this other company so it will work for me

Marketing Myth: It Worked for Someone Else, So It Will Work for Me Too

Bringing you another marketing mythbuster! This myth lures you into thinking because a marketing strategy worked for this other company or this coach, that it will work for me, too! Let me explain why that is not always (or even very often) the case. There are many different factors that play into any company, any marketing campaign, any marketing strategy, and you have to understand all of those and how they impact your specific circumstances. What I see too often – and I’ve discussed this […]

How to Craft a Media Strategy That Attracts Young Consumers

If your target market is primarily young consumers, you should tailor your media strategy specifically to their unique needs. In fact, this target market behaves differently than their older counterparts, so you won’t be able to use a one-size-fits-all approach and still have success. Here are some tips to craft a successful media strategy for your young consumers. Emphasize Your Values The young customers of our modern era are searching for value-driven companies. These young consumers pay close attention to the values of the companies […]

marketing interview top real estate agent

Entrepreneur Interview: Sarah Lyons, Associate Broker and Top Real Estate Agent

Today’s Entrepreneur Interview is with Sarah Lyons who is sharing some of her #realestate wisdom and how she has grown her business so far, so fast. I’ve enjoyed watching her business grow from a brand-new real estate agent who had just received her license, to one of the top agents in the entire state of Texas! Sarah is the #1 Century 21 Judge Fite Agent, #61 individual agent in Texas (not brokerage specific). She is a National Association of REALTORS 30 under 30 honoree, and has closed over […]

social media marketing strategies that create a positive impression

Social Media Marketing Strategies that Create a Positive Impression

If you have a business, then you know how important social media marketing is. If your business is visible on social media, then you will get more customers because of how much social media is used. But social media marketing isn’t as simple as posting on your business’s Facebook page once a month. Here are three strategies to help you create a positive impression with customers using social media marketing. Be Responsive Whenever you get a response, whether a comment on your website, or a […]

Entrepreneur Interview: Cyndii Sinex with Chronic Illness Hotline

We are speaking with Cyndii Sinex, founder of the (new) Chronic Illness Hotline. The hotline provides a listening ear for those with chronic illness during the current pandemic and beyond. Chronic Illness Hotline gives a safe place to vent negatives, celebrate positives, practice advocating, build a journey story, set goals, help identify resources, and much more. Viewer challenge! Donate via PayPal to [email protected] … Every amount helps small nonprofits like this continue to provide critical services, and I know personally your donation will be put […]

seo conspiracy theory

Explaining the Latest Conspiracy Theory by using SEO

Have you seen this theory? Or tried the search? I never thought I’d say this… there’s a conspiracy (or “fake news”) theory going around, that I can completely explain with some of the newest pieces of Google’s search engine algorithm. Even if you’re not into conspiracy theories, understanding how this works is really important for your own website and SEO. There is now a Covid-19 conspiracy theory that I’ve seen quite a few times lately on social media (of course). It says type in any […]

amazon marketing

What I’ve Noticed on Amazon – Is It Time for Them to Pivot?

Amazon has always been the place where you could find almost anything, at a good price (or at least the normal price) and with quick shipping. Anyone could become an entrepreneur who bought wholesale and then sold on Amazon at normal retail prices. I’m seeing a trend moving in a different direction. This can’t be all because of quarantine – many of the items I viewed have nothing to do with that. It’s almost like people now, instead of being wholesalers, are going out and […]