The New SEO Part 2 – Voice Search and Question Format

Part 2 of our series on The New SEO Last week, we discussed the Google Answer Box, which overlaps significantly with today’s discussion about Voice search. By January 2018, there was an average of one billion voice searches every month, proving that voice search is on the rise. By 2020, 50% or more of all searches will […]

The New SEO Part 1 – Google Answer Box

Part 1 of our series on The New SEO Some of the changes Google has been implementing over the course of several years, you’ve probably really noticed it more in the past year to year and half, takes what SEO experts that were using as some of the best practices and really expanding upon those […]

Do I Need to Apply for Facebook Messenger Subscription Messaging?

apply for facebook messenger chat messaging

Our clients who are just getting into Facebook Messenger chatbots have been somewhat confused by the recent requirement by Facebook to apply to be able to send some types messages. Not all businesses will need to send messages in the one category that this application process covers. Facebook Messenger chat bot marketing can be a […]

Social Media Engagement Benchmarks

I regularly pore through benchmark reports that some of the best companies out there are doing regarding social media. Things can change quickly online and keeping on top of trends is important! I always read more than one, since each covers different industries and uses different companies to make their comparisons and extract data. Rival […]