How Many Days Should I Run My Facebook Ad?: Marketing Q&A

Answering entrepreneurs’ most burning marketing questions​ Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and get quick, targeted marketing advice Our CEO Vicky Wu brings her 30 years of experience marketing for Fortune 500 companies, multi-million and multi-billion-dollar global corporations to answer your specific marketing questions. Most entrepreneurs aren’t able to find – or […]

Website Heading Tags – Design vs SEO … You May be Doing This Wrong

Headings are an essential part of a website’s design. They communicate the purpose and main points of your content in a quick, easy to read format. However, when it comes to SEO, heading tags play a very specific role. One big error we see is website DIYers using heading tags for design instead of hierarchy […]

Does Guest Blogging Help with SEO? | Marketing Q&A

does guest blogging help SEO

Entrepreneur Question: I’ve always heard that guest blogging helps with SEO. I’ve had a few strangers email me about writing a blog post on my website – is that really helpful to both of our businesses? Megan Answering your marketing questions Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and get quick, targeted marketing […]

Branding 101

branding 101

As an entrepreneur, your brand is one of the most important assets you have. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors and helps customers to understand what your business is all about. But before you can create a successful brand, you need to take the time to determine what makes your business unique. The […]

5 Ways to Test and Refine Brand Messaging – Branding 101 – 12

Brand messaging is important to the success of your company. It is a key part of your overall marketing strategy and can help you connect with your customers. However, not all messages are created equal; and even the best messages will need to be tweaked from time to time. Here are 5 ways to test […]

5 Best Practices for Building a Proven Messaging Framework – Branding 101 – 11

Building a messaging framework can be an essential step in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your brand communication. Here are 5 best practices that you need to take to create a successful messaging framework for your business: Define Your Message Matrix When it comes to effective communication, having a plan is key. A messaging […]

5 Steps to Define Your Brand’s Personality – Branding 101 – 10

Everyone has a brand personality, and it’s important to know yours so you can communicate with your audience effectively.  Here are 5 steps to define – and document – your brand’s personality: What is Your Brand Personality? Your brand personality is the way in which your business is perceived by consumers. It plays a major […]

5 Important Pieces of Your Brand Visual Identity – Branding 101 – 09

A strong visual identity is crucial for any business, as it helps to establish brand recognition and sets your company apart from competitors. A well-defined visual identity includes several key elements, all of which should be carefully considered and executed in order to effectively communicate your brand to your target audience. Here are 5 pieces […]