How to Make Your Brand More Recognizable to the Public

A recognizable brand is key to establishing your business. A huge chunk of modern advertising centers around branding, in this era of social media more than ever. Here are some ways to make your company’s brand a little more widely recognizable.

Create a Distinct Personality

Branding can seem nebulous or abstract at times. Put simply, branding is really just the creation of an aesthetic plus a voice. A simple, direct image and messaging that evokes a feeling or sensation that lets people know exactly what you’re about.

Or in other words – create a distinct personality. In the case of most small business owners, that’s you!

Think about the following questions. Just what do you want your customer to feel when they do business with you? Or what do you want them to envision when they think of your business? One example might be the sweet, light pastel colors of a frozen yogurt shop – or the harsh retro-aggressive font of a paintball arena, advertising excitement and danger.

Put it Everywhere You Can

The reason it may take a while to develop a solid consumer base who is familiar with you and your brand is because it takes time to insert the brand into the local consciousness. A lot of people need to be aware of you, and they need to do it as fast as possible if you want to start making money. So, put your brand everywhere you can.

Look into what other successful local businesses have done. That might be visually on billboards, on local TV or radio stations, or displayed on your company vehicles. A quick tip – car wraps have a lower installation price than painting your brand onto your vehicle.

Including budget for advertising in the early days of a business are critical for this very reason.

Social Media

The fact of the matter is that social media is indelibly connected to modern marketing. It’s simply the nature of the beast, so to speak.

While a social media presence for your brand certainly relates to the previous point of spreading it everywhere you can, it is also very different from typical advertising. Instead of being a static sign that displays information to passersby driving down the road, social media demands content. It demands interaction. That means you advertise by forming connections – which will look different for every brand – with potential local consumers online.

Branding takes time and effort, for sure. But the image that it creates in your location’s local consciousness is an extremely valuable and lasting asset that cannot be overstated. Taking the time and money to create and propagate a brand means that your business will be just that much more successful.

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