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Pinterest has quickly grown to be the 3rd largest social networking site, behind Facebook and Twitter.  My own Pinterest profile has quickly grown to 59 followers without me spending any time or effort attempting to actually GET followers.  This also doesn’t count the number of people who have repinned some of my pins without “following” me.  I know in one day, with one pin, I had over 50 people repin it.  Imagine what I could do if I was really trying!

Pinterest shouldn’t be your end-all, be-all social media strategy; but it is one important piece of the puzzle (and probably the easiest to use).  To be more effective, let’s add a bit of information to the first article I posted about how to begin to maximize Pinterest as a marketing tool.

Get your account initially set up as that article shows.

Then, follow these additional steps:

Log in to Pinterest

Hover over About then click Pin It Button.  This adds a button to Google Chrome web browser so that you can quickly and easily add pins from photos you see on websites throughout the internet.

Next, hover over About then click Help.  On the left-side menu, click on Goodies (shortcut here) and you will find things like the red follow button.  (To add this in WordPress, go to Widgets, drag a text widget to your widget area, then paste the code from Pinterest directly into the text widget box.  Save.  Done!)
You can also have people follow a specific board on Pinterest.  See my example at, the right-hand column very top.  To add this in WordPress, go to Pinterest, click on your name on the very top right, then on the next page click the board that you want to ask people to follow.  That will open your board.  Copy the URL address for your board from the address bar.  Mine, for example, is

Now, go to WordPress, go to Widgets, drag a text widget to your widget area, then paste the URL address in the text widget box.  Wrap the URL address in a couple of html tags so that it becomes a clickable link.

Before the beginning of your URL, add this:  <a href=”

After the end of your URL, add this:  “></a>

Insert the word or phrase that you want clickable in between the tags … for example, I put in the word Pinterest, so my end tag now looks like:  <a href=””>Pinterest</a>

So my whole sentence that I entered in the text widget box reads:

Like Pinterest?

Follow my dance board at <a href=””>Pinterest</a>

See it live over at my website at

Schedule a bit of time every day or every week to visit your social media sites and interact with people.  Add Pinterest to the mix.  Even 15 minutes a day of interacting with people will boost your social media presence dramatically, and that is becoming increasingly important in today’s internet.

Questions?  Ask below!

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