Are you looking for the marketing you need only when you need it? Maybe you are sick and tired of just handling the promotional aspect of your business and want to work with someone that can handle that for you? Then these online marketing services are the right option for you.

As an expert in social media marketing for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses, I am committed quality and value. I offer training, coaching, and strategy-building services for a broad range of companies all over the country. Plus, I have an entire team of freelance professionals ready to take your project to the next level, no matter how complex.

On this page, you can find more about each social media marketing service that we deliver to clients and would love to deliver for you!

Social Media Marketing

Your company needs an active social media presence to make an impact, achieve virality, and generate a lot of the right kind of leads. With my help, you will get to have all of that fast and easy.

We offer quality services that are affordable, reliable, and focused on your company’s requirements. I always work closely with my clients to ensure that your vision and message are always showcased on every social page. Moreover, I help create the content that will help you interact with the audience, generate more leads, and enhance your online exposure.

Social Media Platforms


We can help build your business brand on Facebook through your Facebook business page.  This includes branding, cover and profile art, fleshing out your About and Story sections.  Plus we can develop a plan for consistent posting, manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and help optimize your budget.


This is always in my top 3 recommendations of which social platform a business should optimize first.  Why?  Because everything related to Google ties in to their search engine.

We can assist in securing your business listing, optimizing the listing to reflect your brand, including cover and profile images, make sure contact information is accurate, and if you have more than one location insure that all are correct.  We can assist with Google reviews, including developing a plan to request more reviews.  We can also manage pay-per-click advertising through Google AdWords, including remarketing campaigns.


Since being purchased by Microsoft, LinkedIn has added several new features that can assist a business.  We can help you brand your profile, including cover and profile art, make sure your brand voice and story are reflected on your page.  We can assist in Article posting strategy, and develop Showcase Pages for niche markets.  We can manage LinkedIn Sponsored Stories and text ad campaigns, plus additional features such as a Careers tab.

These are the three primary social media profiles that most of our clients request assistance with, and we can also fully manage your YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Snapchat, plus other emerging media.

Social Media Services include:

Have It Done For You – Social Media Guru Program

Now you can LOOK  like a Social Media Guru without having to BE  a Social Media Guru

Turn your social media business profile from DRAB to FAB by using the simple and affordable Social Media Guru program.  Simpler than you think. More affordable than you realize.


In combination with, or without any of the services below, we can provide you with either a free mini social media audit or an in-depth social media audit to determine how client-focused and customer-friendly your business social media profile is and provide specific suggestions to improve.


Everything from determining which social media platforms your business should focus on, depending upon your target customer base and current efforts, developing goals or KPIs for your overall strategy and individual social media platforms, to developing an overall posting strategy.

Set Up

Setting up any of the social media platforms you need and integrating them with your other systems (website, email) as appropriate and needed, ensuring that your overall brand is consistently reflected across platforms.


Branding new social media pages or re-branding existing pages to insure that your logo and other graphic elements, colors, company culture, and overall brand voice is reflected across all platforms, plus verify that the same contact information is included in each and that all are strategically pointing to the same website or online presence.


Creating posts aligned with your strategy and goals, creating graphics and videos, developing content calendar and plan either for us to use on your behalf or for your internal staff to follow, posting content on a schedule determined by mixing best practices in social media with your strategy and goals.

Lead Generation

We know that one important aspect of your overall online presence is not just creating awareness, but having an efficient and effective automated method of capturing the contact information of prospects.  We assist in creating lead funnels for your business, either using software and vendors you already subscribe to, or setting up the complete funnel for you.


Developing and executing on special promotions, contests, and similar social media campaigns designed to connect with your target customer and promote the culture of your brand.

Reputation Management

The best time to begin managing your reputation online is before you need to.  But the most critical time is immediately after someone has posted a critical review – not just a negative review, because those can happen and it’s often how the business responds that is key – but we’re talking those types of reviews that would potentially result in unwanted negative media/news stories, or inaccuracies or lies that could result in some sort of legal action.  We can monitor your brand and review sites for these types of issues, and help you respond appropriately.  In addition, we can implement proactive strategies for you to receive significantly more positive reviews than you are currently.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We will develop, monitor and manage your pay-per-click advertising campaigns, including optimizing for keywords, audience, performing A/B testing when appropriate, and consistently adapting your PPC campaigns to make sure that you are receiving the best response efficiently and affordably.


Effort is great, but keeping an eye on your social media statistics is important to make sure your work is generating the results you want and need.  On a monthly or other schedule of your choosing, covering some of the most important social media statistics you need to be watching plus any specific goals or KPIs you have chosen.

Case Studies

Want to see the results of projects from various clients?  View these case studies:

Virtual Career Night Case Study

Obviously, your results will vary based upon your target market, demographics, ad spend, and more.  Also keep in mind that it is imperative that you have your full lead generation funnel built out and not simply hoping to “boost” a few posts to achieve solid results.

If you want to boost your company’s sales and exposure in the online world, just get in touch for a free, no-obligation strategy session.

I will gladly dedicate my time and effort to lead your business to success. All you need is to access these great services that deliver social media marketing for entrepreneurs fast and easy. Contact me now and let’s get started on your project!