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Marketing Strategy

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Strategy Sessions

Fractional CMO

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Websites & SEO

New Website Building

Website Re-Design

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Search Engine Optimization

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Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Landing Page Design

Marketing Funnels

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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Video Marketing

Video Recording & Editing

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Graphic Design

Logo Design

Flyers & eBooks

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Business Collaterals & Stationary

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Emerging Marketing

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Traditional Marketing

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Marketing Training

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Outsourced Marketing Department

Increased Results.

Find out the benefits to engaging with a full-service outsourced marketing department to provide an integrated, holistic approach to your marketing.

Marketing Help by Business Stage

As you're growing your business, your marketing needs change.


In the startup phase, you’re most likely a solo entrepreneur or it’s still just your initial partners. At this stage of your business, you are building clarity in your products or services and in your marketing. You’ve started thinking about branding but know it can be stronger.

You’re either doing all of the work yourself or may have a couple of freelancers who are taking direction from you. You’re not ready yet for the long-term commitment of hiring marketing employees, and for the most part are still doing almost everything yourself.


Your focus has shifted a bit to the longterm success of your business.  To this point, everyone has been doing a bit of everything and it’s time for some specialized expertise.

You know it’s going to take something a bit different than what you’ve been doing to get to where you want to be. You’re looking to establish internal structure processes to set your business up for long-term success and have been gathering data and metrics that matter.


At this stage of business, you’re focused on ROI and efficiency.  You have a good understanding of your industry and challenges.

You’re moving from focus on tactics into strategy that will help you streamline for successful marketing delivery. You understand how accessing high-level expertise will boost your business.

You’ve already implemented some automation to streamline cost per acquisition and focus on retention through upsells and cross sells.


It used to be that businesses entered the renewal stage after years of business maturity, but if 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, it’s that sometimes your business will also need to pivot.

At this point in your business marketing, you need to review your collected data with fresh eyes as your business environment changes. Time to breathe fresh life into your marketing strategy. You may need to switch your focus to new value propositions, and even undertake either minor or major rebranding.

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The Best Podcast for No-BS Marketing Advice

The Best Podcast for No-BS Marketing Advice

Marketing to a $Million.  Marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to grow. Right from us to you.  With no BS.

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In the News

My advice may sound a bit different than what everyone else out there is telling you.

And there's a very compelling reason why.

That's because my marketing experience isn't like everyone else's.

I’ve handled marketing for Fortune 500 companies, been Chief Marketing Officer at a Multi-Billion-Dollar plus many Multi-Million Dollar companies. If you’re here – it’s because you want your business to reach that level too, and ideally without wasting time or money.

You see, you’re not getting one marketing strategy that I tested one time for one month and that’s the only marketing I know. This marketing is all well tested in the field by thousands of businesses.

And I’m not teaching you the marketing strategies used by entrepreneurs to grow to three, four or five figure months or years … because our clients pass that level

Most entrepreneurs aren’t able to find – or afford – access to this level of expertise.

And that’s exactly why I’m bringing it to you.

This isn’t just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks. 

We’ve done it, we’ve been trailblazers in the marketing industry, and we know what marketing it takes to get you there.  

When you want to grow to a $Million – the marketing is the same … yet it’s different.

Don’t get lulled into thinking that you need someone else’s “signature program” to get there. Or that you need to develop your own. It’s some place to start if you don’t know where to start. But it’s usually not what will take you to where you really want to go.

Don’t get what we’ve done confused with the entrepreneurs who take a course and then go slay. They take on huge marketing projects and expend a LOT of time, energy and money to get those kinds of results … and I’m not sure the person whose “course” they took  should be taking credit for all of their hard work and results. What I am sure of is that our clients who reach 7 figures have realized … they can’t work that hard on their marketing.

We can help you learn what you need to do as well. We have entire courses built around teaching you what you need to know. Yet most of the clients we work with have grown past that, to the point where they no longer want to carry that heavy load, and want to hand over the tasks and focus where they do their best work – in their zone of genius.

And we’ve worked together with thousands of businesses to help them with their marketing and grow them to the next level. Only someone who has already done it – for thousands of businesses – really understands that and has the experience to help you get your business there.

You benefit from the best marketing strategies that are proven to work to grow business an set up right both for now and the future.

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Your Marketing Department

We are a full service agency providing focused marketing strategy for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

I draw upon 30 years of experience at the CMO level, the CEO level, marketing for Fortune 500 companies, multi-million and multi-billion-dollar organizations, PLUS strategies learned helping nonprofits with no budget … now focusing on providing SMBs with effective, efficient, easy-to-implement and affordable marketing strategies, giving them access to the same level of expertise as the big guys that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

I serve every client as a Fractional CMO no matter the level of their project. We provide this expert-level marketing knowledge to the small businesses that would otherwise not have access to the same level of expertise, while using a team of highly trained and vetted virtual assistants to offer implementation that is much more affordable than you might otherwise expect.


We have a team of vetted and trained freelance specialists ready to assist you with the projects you need


From strategy to training to implementation, it’s available when you need it


No matter what type of project you have, we have an expert who can assist


It’s like having your very own in-house Marketing Department … yet at a fraction of the cost.

Who You Need. When You Need Them.

We provide you access to a whole tribe of virtual marketing assistants, each with expertise in different specialties covering all things related to marketing – websites, SEO, video, social media, PPC advertising, copywriting, funnel building … everything you need. The team for your unique project is overseen by our very own CMO who expertly guides the team and strategizes with you.


This allows you to have the strategic oversight for all of your marketing campaigns from highly experienced professionals with decades of experience, yet access custom marketing services in a much more budget-friendly way that would otherwise not be possible.

Vicky Wu


Fractional CMO. Focused marketing for visionaries based upon extensive world-class experience. √Expert Marketer √Geek √Ballroom Dancer √Artist

Vicky has 30 years of experience marketing for Fortune 500 companies, multi-million and multi-billion-dollar organizations. She now provides her marketing knowledge to businesses that would otherwise not have access to the same level of expertise, while using a team of highly trained and vetted marketing assistants to offer implementation that is more affordable than expected.


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