How to use Microsoft Word mailmerge to send personalized messages through Outlook [VIDEO]

Did you know that with the newer version of Microsoft Office, you can use the Microsoft Word email feature in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook to send out personalized email messages to people either in an Outlook distribution group, or from an Excel spreadsheet!

Check this quick how-to video:  […]

We’ve talked about scheduling Facebook, scheduling blog posts, but did you know…

You can schedule GMail emails!

I use GMail almost exclusively for my personal and dance use.  But I never searched to see if there is a way to schedule emails to send later (almost like a drip campaign).  If you’re read other posts, you know I like to pre-schedule often, to make best use of my time.

But I did this weekend, and found it!

If you use Firefox or Chrome (and Chrome is my preferred browser), you can install […]

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