Marketing Myth: More Website Traffic Always Equals More Money

⭕ A Marketing Mythbuster – find out why this myth is FALSE! Do you believe more website traffic always equals more sales? I wish that was the case! If you think traffic is king, I’m here to tell you that CONVERSIONS are queen! There’s a distinct difference between traffic to your website and converting that […]

Entrepreneur Interview: Khara Marie, Career Clarity and Confidence Coach

Khara Marie is a Career Clarity and Confidence Coach. Khara empowers women to find clarity in their career path and transition to experiencing more passion in their job choice so that they can love what they do or embrace a change. Khara will share the 3 pillars of going from day-job to DREAM job which […]

When Should You Choose a Marketing Coach versus a Virtual Assistant?

marketing coach

When it comes to a CMO/Marketing Coach or a Virtual Assistant, you may need both, and sometimes at the same time. I’m sharing the biggest differences between the two, and the exact questions that you need to be answering for yourself to understand which will work best for you, with where you are in your […]