Personal Branding: Perfect for Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers

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personal branding

Let’s discuss some personal branding tips. This is great information for a lot of people who have been furloughed recently in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic or otherwise. It’s also really great information for anybody who’s already an entrepreneur, or anyone who’s either getting ready to start looking for a new job or start their own business. These strategies are things I try to revisit regularly for myself and my clients and perform a quick “audit”. I’m also going to share a few tips […]

Entrepreneur Interview: Shauna Leigh Leigh Van Mourik with Shauna Leigh Artistry

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Shauna Leigh Van Mourik with Shauna Leigh Artistry – refining your message to create copy that converts. Shauna will be sharing some tips that have helped her in business and can help you refine your message. LinkedIn: Website: Instagram: @shaunaleigh.artistry Have you seen? Our MarketU hands-on marketing training courses have moved! 30 years of marketing experience distilled down into easy-to-follow step-by-step training videos that teach you how to do it and how to put it all together. Find out more information at […]

New Social Media Platforms: Which Platform Should Your Business Be On? MeWe, Ello, Telegram, Parler?

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new social media platforms

Whenever new social platforms are introduced, I’m an early adopter. I sign up to evaluate them for clients – as to whether or not they’ll be helpful for a business, if not now, perhaps later.  Because I’ve been an early adopter, I’ve seen how they’ve started. I’ve also seen how they’ve evolved over time. And I see how they’re used now. And along the way the best practices that I’ve seen and developed are what I bring into my work These existing platforms like Facebook, […]