Like in any advertising or communication plan, consistency in getting your message and your name out is key.

For my own work, I’ve developed a social media planning calendar (updated October 2017) – an Excel spreadsheet with columns for an entire year.  I based this upon similar traditional marketing calendars that I’ve made myself in the past, and added some tips that I researched from best practices in the industry.  You are free to download my example to help in your own planning strategies.  Like any Excel document, you can add and delete rows.  One trick I’ve used is to copy and add new tabs for either different audiences, projects or even clients.

This type of systematic marketing planning process really helps you in properly spreading your marketing messages out so that nothing is too clustered at one time with large gaps of time between communications, and so that you can see upcoming future events that you may want to include in your strategy.

I also have a full post on exactly how I use this marketing planning calendar in my day-to-day work.

Hope this helps!   social media marketing calendar


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