SEO content strategy for small businesses can cost in the neighborhood of $100-$150 per hour on average. That is a lot of money for most startups. Now, while it’s feasible to attempt DIY SEO, you need to take key factors into consideration first.

Do you have the time? Are you willing to consistently learn new concepts? Will you be accountable for getting your SEO strategies implemented on a timely basis?

Many entrepreneurs initially perform their own SEO when still growing their business while budgets are tight. If you are considering doing your own, read on to learn about the benefits of DIY SEO.

Gain Knowledge 

SEO has an impact on your bottom line. As an entrepreneur, it’s in your best interest to know as much as possible about all factors that do make this impact. Learning to do SEO yourself has benefits and increases your knowledge, also making it easier to hire someone to do the work in the future. 

There are many free resources you can access that will help you increase your knowledge and keep costs down. Consider taking a DIY SEO course as a way to learn what you need to be successful. A free SEO audit will measure the impact of your DIY SEO strategy.

Money, Money, Money

Entrepreneurs tend to do everything themselves, in part out of necessity. Let’s face it: if you do your own SEO, it’s cheaper than hiring someone else. 

Some SEO agencies lock you into a contract for a specific SEO content strategy or package and a set term. If you find that you want to change it after a few months, you may need to pay change fees or additional funds to move to a package that more correctly fits your company’s goals. Our Done-For-You SEO services are actually much more flexible, although we do recommend keeping any SEO services consistent for at least 6 months – whether you’re doing it yourself or outsourcing.

Changes Are Easier

If you aren’t clear on your SEO keywords, then DIY SEO may be the way you want to go initially. You can start with one set of words and measure their impact.

If you don’t like the results, you can easily change the keywords. The cost of this DIY SEO content strategy is just your time (which is precious). As you grow your list of keywords – or your company – you can always consider hiring a marketing company like us to help finetune your keywords and enhance your SEO efforts in the future.


We always talk about how your marketing should be a holistic strategy, and that SEO involves more than simply your website. Strong SEO strategies use the same keywords across all platforms. If you are doing your SEO yourself, you can make sure that you are using those keywords and strategies in print, social media, newsletters, and in daily conversations.

If you turn your strategies over to a company, but they are only doing your social media, the responsibility falls on you to know the keywords and use them in your other marketing platforms, directly all of your outsourced teams.

Are You in the Market for DIY SEO Courses?

Our “why” is the passion we have to see you succeed. We understand SEO content strategy for companies, both large and small. 

You may want to start your DIY SEO efforts by taking advantage of our free 5-day SEO Masterclass.

And when you’re ready to turn your project over to the experts for more efficiency and ROI, or if you find that you aren’t seeing the impact you need with your DIY SEO, check out our Done For You SEO services to see how we do SEO differently.

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