Two Tips on How to Add Video Marketing to Your Strategy

Quality video content is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and beneficial marketing tools available.

The reason why videos are so good for marketing is that the format transcends different media and allow creators to include different narrative components, such as audio, visuals, text and more. Read on to learn more about two helpful tips on how to use video marketing!

Make it easy to share

If your videos are easy to access, you will have better chances to engage people and entice them to share your content. Using platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube is a great idea because he will benefit from a lot of useful tools when he comes to sharing and marketing your contents.

Read tips on how to optimize your videos to be found on YouTube.

Create actual value

Videos that offer actual value to your customers are often well received. In other words, instead of just trying to make a sales video (you never want too much sales on your social media), use the opportunity to give something to your viewers.

Tutorials, reviews, tip videos and similar ideas are all great examples of how you can make a video more engaging and successfully promote your brand to a broader audience.

In addition to that, remember that the audience will disregard videos that look completely unprofessional: lousy sound or poor quality image will hinder the success of your video.  This does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money on professionally produced videos, but that you make sure the appearance isn’t distracting.


Struggling to think of topics for enough videos that you can share with your viewers?  We have a simple 6-step process to develop up to a year of video marketing content – in just one planning session!

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