Why you keep marketing to them … for YEARS

Make Friends First One of the marketing concepts that I keep repeating for businesses is that you need to think of your marketing beyond getting awareness from prospects, getting those prospects moved to “suspects”, and turning them into customers and making a sale (those would be the major pieces of a traditional sales funnel or[…]


Don’t let April leave you looking like a fool (get it?)!  Use these ideas for promotions and social media posts: Coupons for 2018 tax services Company-wide volunteer day (maybe on Earth Day?) Landscaper? Campaign about yard cleanup before egg hunts. Tax tips and advice Passover recipes Home and lawn care tips for Spring Injury prevention/remedies[…]

Why “incremental improvement” of your marketing can sometimes be total crap

3 Simple Questions to Improve Every Project I am a HUGE fan of incremental improvement for your business and by extension your business marketing. I have seen first-hand how effective this can be, and the positive results can quickly start to snowball. It also works great for your personal goals! It’s similar to Dave Ramsey’s[…]